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First of all, well done to all involved in this excellent mapset ... great job !

A couple of things though I thought you might be interested in ...

MAP 12 - Impossible to reach secret sector 2577 ?

MAP 29 - The demons and mancubi near lines 6091 and 6098 respectively are flagged EASY but the teleport destination sprite at sectors 1145 and 1052 respectively are not flagged EASY, resulting in the monsters not teleporting and the player not being able to get all kills on EASY skill.

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Thanks! As for the reports...

The MAP29 thing is definitely a bug, but for MAP12, the secret can be reached; you just have to do a strafejump starting from sector 2544 and ending on sector 2518. It's very tough to do (try clearing some space before doing it,) but it's entirely possible.

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I had previously tried the straferun without success, thinking that this seemed to be the only logical method.

So I tried again. It would appear, and I'm willing to be corrected on this, that GZDoom ( and zdoom ? ) have a faster run\straferun speed than prboom+ and Risen3d , the 3 ports I tried this on.

I could at times manage to reach sector 2518 using gzdoom, although I couldn't "put on the brakes" in time and ended up in sector 2653.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has reached this secret with any other port other than (G)ZDoom.

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This report is really late, I know. The final wad was released before I had time to finish it, and so I lost interest for ages. However it seemed like a waste to just throw the file away.

I showed it to TGH who was okay with the idea of posting it here for anyone interested, so here you go.

  • Linedef 2627 (type 26770) is a switch special that both lacks a tag, and does an unnecessary floor transfer. I think it needs changing to 24710, to match linedef 2624 on the other side of the wall.
  • sector 524, the blue key pillar, gets its secret property wiped by a floor transfer leaving you with only 7/8 secrets (6/8 if you don't have precognition and miss the invulnerability behind the 30s door...)
  • thing 557, a box of shells that only appears on lower skill levels, is stuck in the wall in its holding area, and so never moves or teleports out.
  • If you run fast enough across the blue key you can block the exit of the teleporting monsters, which means they never teleport. I don't know why people use those conveyor teleporters, they always break somehow...
  • Line 24 shouldn't be upper/lower unpegged. Only noticable if you happen to stay on the ledge in front of the switch (sector 53) and see the door close.
  • I am convinced the conveyor teleport lines in the red key area are the wrong way round. Watch the things on the conveyor belt with the map cheat. This is so trivially minor it probably wasn't worth mentioning but oh well
  • The monster teleporters are conveyors without failsafes and so are breakable in the same way as those on map6. At least, they are theoretically. I haven't managed to break them yet though so they might be all right.
  • Linedefs 1766 and 1563 are SR doors that lack tags. Player 2 can get out of his start position. Players 3 and 4 can't.
  • Many switches in this map don't give you any feedback when pressed. ROTSW1ON/ROTSW1OF and ROTSW2ON/ROTSW2OF need to be added to SWITCHES.
  • Several monster teleporters don't work fully, if at all. Mostly this is due to the use of single-use teleport linedefs in the holding areas, which is always inadvisable even if the holding area only has one monster in it.
  • Sector 1524 needs a teleporter exit in it else the lost souls next to sector 2639 will never teleport out.
  • Thing 1383 (a hanging leg) should probably be the non-blocking version since in multiplayer there's a chaingun underneath it.
  • What's with the two Keens? (things 1337, 1458) There's no sector tagged 666. Also, Wolfenstein soldiers? (things 287, 1307, 1462) Really out of place...
  • Linedef 4227 shouldn't be a door (or if it should, sector 885 should be closed)
  • ROTFLT4A appears to have some corruption at its top left corner.
  • If line 2721 is meant to be used - however I'm not sure it can be, I don't see how you can end up trapped inside sector 250 - then linedef 5575 needs to have the passuse flag set, like 1818 next to it.
  • The height of sectors 1674 and 1675 cause an overflow in P_ThingHeightClip, which completely breaks the whole "die after 30 minutes" mechanism. Voodoo dolls on a conveyor floor would work better (c.f. DVII)
  • Linedef 480 should have type 0. Pressing use at the wrong moment can lock you out of the exit in an engine that supports implicit manuals (e.g. ZDoom)
  • Things 32 and 33 (two boxes of bullets) are too close to the walls. They move to the top of their adjacent walls when linedef 362 is pressed.
  • No specific bugs but three of the five secrets require spoilers/precognition to avoid locking yourself out of them. Similarly to get 100% kills seems to need a high degree of prescience (by which I mean cheating with a map editor)
  • Line 8457 should be blue-locked, it makes the whole blue key section optional. (Not necessarily a bad thing, optional areas increase a map's replayability. However I think a key without a corresponding door the same as a locked door without a corresponding key - unless it's a genuine speedrunning trick, but that's something only the author knows.)
  • No actual bugs but it's really easy to get lost. Suggestion: make lines that are not "significant" not show up on the automap, so it isn't as cluttered.
  • Things 103-108 (four torches and two hanging bodies) are all flagged only to appear on HMP and UV.
  • Line 2009 blocks keypresses to line 1995. Even though it is most likely impossible to approach line 2009 from the east side, I would still set the passuse flag on it.

I have an updated version of my map with the following fixes:
  • Replaced shadowcasting with light transfer for some sectors ~131-148
  • Some linedefs near those sectors have special 272 - changed to 0
  • Vertex 880 moved slightly north for symmetry with vertex 888
  • Teleporter exit things 439 and 445 do not exist on easy skill, making 100% kills impossible.
  • Useless three boss spawners (things 1608, 1619, 1620) should be removed.

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Doomworld Forums : Powered by vBulletin version 2.2.5 Doomworld Forums > Special Interest > Community Chest 4 > CC3 bugs

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