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quake4 art concept

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Hm I don´t believe Dark Fox, if he would love Unreal he wouldn´t rip Nali arms off...

Ok what do the Strogg want to say us?

The gladiator says "traitor"? It sounds like "uh ta-híta!" Is this "a trrr-aitor!"?

I´m quite sure the Tank says: "you won´t stop us!"

The Maiden says: "punica!" What´s that?

The Berserker says: "thusbasta!" Those bastards?

The Gunner says: "trap jaw" (???)

The chaingun dude says: "who´s there?"

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Oi, Dark, you aren't the only Unreal fan. I like the graphics better than Quake 2, but the sad thing... I never managed to edit the characters! Arrgh... but each game is good in their own rights. I liked shooting at the fishies in the water ^_^, deranged as I am... shoot the hoppy things! The one Unreal mod I liked, Fureal... cancelled. *Sighs* back to work on fox DOOM....

-Red, deranged as ever... and needing a new icon! *Growl*

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