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Lord Of Nothing

Help on installing mods

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You have 2 Options either you post detailed instructions on how to install a mod you have made OR you provide no instructions at all meaning I have to find out where you live and whack you over the head with a frying pan.

Why is it that some modders (while clever enough to code a mod) YOUR TO DUMB TO NOT WRITE ANY INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE IT!!!!


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Installing mods are all the same. Create a folder in /doom3 and install the mod files in there. Simple enough?

Btw, in order to save this thread, I am changing the topic as this info may help others.

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I need help too. Mods and my computer don't match. I need a pro to come to my house and do it. lol

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Generally mods can be installed by creating a folder in the doom 3 directory with an appropriate name, and unzipping the mod into that folder. Then you can just select it from the main menu in doom 3. However I have noticed some serious problems with doom 3 and mods. Generally the game just acts like it's attempting to load the mod, then goes back to the desktop with no error message. Usually this can be fixed by removing any 'after-market' files from your doom3/base folder. Sometimes it'll take a clean install to make the mod work. But basically, it's a bad idea to modify any of the original doom 3 files, or put anything new in the doom3/base folder. That'll usually cause problems mods that you put in a seperate folder in the doom3 directory.

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