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Lila Feuer

How do you REALLY feel about Doom 3?

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When I heard Doom3 was announced I was so fucking happy. Doom is my favorite game in the world. When I finally got it and started to play it I had mixed views on it.

First problem I encountered was the system requirements. When the game was released I played it on a friend's PC. His PC could play other games like Half-Life 2 just fine. But when we were playing Doom3 it lagged to shit (Even on really low settings). So my first experience with the game was not a very good one. When I was walking around I got about 15 FPS but when say a group of spiders came out my FPS quickly dropped. It was barely playable back in the day. So needless to say my first experience with it was ruined.

Here recently I gave Doom3 another go..My friend's PC runs it very smoothly on the Ultra High setting. First few levels I was really into it. It was after about maybe the 10th or so level I played that shit really started to go downhill for me. Walk into another cramped room and find a key card. Also there are WAY TO MANY GOD DAMN IMPS IN THE GAME. Every-time I turned around another Imp was spawning. They used the "Spawn an enemy behind you trying to surprise you" trick WAAY to many times. At first it made me jump a little but after awhile it just got really old and annoying.

I believe that the spiders in the game are WAAY unbalanced. There are too many of the god damn things in one place. I know everyone has beaten this concept in the ground but...the game is WAY to dark in certain areas. I even got the Duct Tape mod and sometimes that didn't even help.

I remember back in the day ID had said they put a few scary surprises in the game (Like monster spawns when you wouldn't think a monster would spawn). But honestly I don't see it. There was one instance when a Imp popped out of the stairs that made me jump but other than that I don't see anything really too scary about it.

When I picture Doom I picture a fast pace run and gun game. I understand why they took the route they did when they made the game though. They wanted to capture the "Base overrun by hell don't know where the next monster is" kind of feeling but to me I enjoy the classic formula much better. I personally prefer the ROE expansion over the actual game. ROE to me still has the same problem that Doom3 had..spawning the same god damn monster over and over. I also do not like what they did with the Pinky Demon. I think he attacks to god damn quick and it disorients you way to much when he does attack. I think the weapons sounds could of been MUCH better also. The shotgun doesn't have a really forceful sound when it fires (like a shotgun should in my opinion I mean come on its a FUCKING SHOTGUN). Shotgun reloads too slow and the Pistol also fires too slow for my liking.

All and all the game is decent but I just got so bored with it. It was the same god damn shit over and over toward the end (I know the original Doom is basically the same way...fight demons and find keys but at LEAST its fast pace...the fast pace is addicting to me). Toward the end of the game I found myself cheating just to get through it. I probably wouldn't of cheated if I just saved the game and didn't play in one sitting (I think the game would be much better that way if it was played over a period of time because like I said the whole walk into a cramped room fight the same enemies over and over would be alot better if you didn't do it for hours and hours on end)

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NaturalTvventy said:

I found it to be mediocre. 'Course I'm a Halo (1) fan and to me the health/ammo aspects of it felt very stale and dated compared to the regenerating shield, two-weapons-at-a-time, vehicle-driving, crafty-enemies etc of Halo. I played through it, but haven't gone back to it since. Stale crusty old bread.

Oh yea, and having to listen to generic-monster-story PDAs to get key codes to lockers and doors was boring too. Really slowed the game down.

really wow i love halo but doom does not need 1 Regen health 2 limited inventory of two weapons 3 vehicles and halo AI was pretty dumb half life 1 had better AI

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Satyr000 said:

thanks for that shotgun mod, man. i already use nitro, with today's pcs we can afford dead enemies staying in place and it looks much better than evaporating. i know others have said it, but having to shoot an imp like 3 times from one body length away didn't help.

i replayed doom3 recently, found it easy on veteran when you know the maps already, but nightmare is definitely a challenge. i liked seeing graphics from doom in it, or their re-interpretation, for example, i smiled when i saw those brownish hexagonal floor tiles, really nice.

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