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Anvil 31

The reason why i hated Doom 3

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My bad. What kind of game was Aliens of Gold?

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Anvil 31 said:

W...They made the game like it is 2100 and all the guns look futuristic...

Um, it WAS in the 2100s.

This is my problem with most of the people who hate on Doom 3. OF COURSE everyone is entitled to their opinion, but so many of the opinions about the worst parts of Doom 3 are based on misunderstandings or misinformation, like the later reply that said about the hell level being too dark and having no detail because he had his gamma set wrong. When the game released alot of people tried to run through it at old Doom speed and missed alot of the interesting stuff. There were a ton of complaints about it being too dark (either your monitor is messed up or your settings are wrong), there being no story (try reading), there being no secrets (try looking). If you took in the genuine experience and didn't like it, fine its not for you, but if you're pms'ing because it wasn't Doom 2 with better graphics... hello, we knew that before it came out.

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