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What happened to Betruger after RoE?

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If you ask me, suggesting that Doom's hell is anything but THE hell - the one you were always threatened to go to with the red devils and the fire and brimstone, takes away significantly from the impact of the plot.

It's obviously not just some other dimension, which you could make a billion bland scifi stories about. Tormented wailing souls swirl through clouds of smoke and pillars of green light, skulls and twisted skeletal remains make up walls, the basic fundamental laws of physics do not apply.

Plus you have explicit references to Abrahamic religion, such as a man speaking in Aramaic during the experiments, the Soulcube quoting the Lord's Prayer, voices saying things like "Watch us, O LORD", and demonic chanting heard in various places making mockery of "Alleluia" and "Ave Maria". Betruger threatens you with eternal damnation.

If the demons are "just aliens from some other reality," why do they conform so exactly to the religious archetypes they'd fill just by being literally what the game says they are - demons from Hell. Suggest liberal use of Occam's Plot Razor - don't add unnecessary explanations where there is no need for them.

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Badboy said:

the open end with betruger makes no sense. we will never see him again in a doom game. there is no need, im sure. theres always other people who will help the hell. i guess its more about a horror movie ending.

Have you played Resurrection of Evil?

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im sorry, my mistake, he died in ROE. but the first topic post says he lived (so was releated only to doom 3).

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