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Luke Dacote

Playing the steam version on Windows 8

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I apologise in advance if this has been brought up before but this is a problem I can't find a solution to. I recently purchased the original Doom 3 and RoE off steam. I started Doom 3 and during the second cutscene it froze and I had to restart. Ever since I've been able to get further and further but the game still freezes at random moments (like switching to the torch, interacting with the arcade machine or when thing get too hectic). I've tried using more compatible modes and lowered the graphics but it still doesn't work properly (sometimes it freezes on the main menu).

I'm currently using a Windows 8, 64 bit laptop with Intel Core i5. Any help would be appreciated.

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sgt dopey said:

Have you tried updating your drivers, I've read that some ati/amd cards have problems with opengl and doom3

Not yet. Isn't it difficult though to upgrade a laptop driver?

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Not really it's the same as installing any other driver. But you should see if the manufacturer have a driver for it on their website before going to amds

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I would think that the problem is an incompatibility with your video card or drivers and not the operating system. I have Windows 8 and Doom 3 seems to run fine. I played through it at least once since upgrading. I would suggest updating drivers.

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