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Can idtech 5 really compete with its contemporaries?

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DooM_RO said:

Wolfenstein looks a lot more interesting than COD.

This, minus Kevin Spacey. Spacey should do Doom 4, now.

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Kaskaum said:

After seeing what Epic did to Gears of War 3, it will not be a surprise their first Gears on XBONE to have similar graphics to those UE4 demos.

Another game that made people crazy was The Division, with a playable demo running on PS4 during the last E3, its engine called Snowdrop(The division, Watch Dogs), is a new in-house engine made for the next AAA Ubisoft games(Hideo Kojima played this demo on E3 and got jaw-dropped, he twitted about it and said his Next MGS must impress people like this game):



You can clearly see the difference of the visual of a new engine properly made for the next gen like Snowdrop and an old-last gen upgraded engine like the CoD engine.

As matter of fact, CoD engine is a modified version of id tech 3(used in quake 3), they got it from id, made some modifications and released cod3, after that, they simply used this same engine until now, modifying it each new cod.

I thought CoD Ghosts used a new engine, and not the id tech 3 based one.

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Kaskaum said:

Coming back to the main subject, if I were ID president or somebody has power in the company, I'd sign a contract with Epic in order to develop the final version of D4 using Unreal Engine 4. Epic is very competent with their engines, UE4 is an amazing next gen engine, companies like Square Enix already signed contract to use UE4 in their future AAA games. NCSoft a Korean MMO company will also use UE4 to develop a MMO-FPS and their future next-gen MMOs.

ID currently is a hurt-bleeding company that lost they brightness years ago, Quake 1 was my last favorite game of theirs, Q2-3-4 weren't that great, I didn't like the strogg theme, Doom 3 was an ok game, Rage lacks soul...

I mean, it is time for ID to focus on the creative part of their games, building a new and efficient engine today requires time and money, and for the current ID, they can't spend time and money with this. It is much cheaper today hiring a commercial engine like UE4 than developing theirs.

So, outsourcing the technical issues regarding engine would be the best option for them now, leaving this to Epic which is a very good company technically with their commercial engines. And so ID can focus their men-hour on the creative part of their games, bringing back the soul they had lost last years, without spending any time developing - upgrading an engine.




id using 3rd-party engines? Blasphemy!!

quake2 is my fav. id game btw.

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doomgargoyle said:

id using 3rd-party engines? Blasphemy!!

quake2 is my fav. id game btw.

I don't see any problem with that, although we will only see the true potential of ID tech 5 in Doom 4(The evil within, based on the screenshots-demos shown so far, looks weaker than Alan Wake(PC version) graphically, I really hope to see improvement until the launch of the game) they'll need to seek for a new engine after D4, but with all the problems ID has currently such as bad management and talented people leaving the company, I doubt they have conditions to bring an in-house brand new next-gen engine to replace id tech 5 with all the problems they are facing right now.


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