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Doom Builder on Linux - How to

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wow thanks a lot, it works very well :)
XWE hasn't got any problems too, what do we want more **

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XWE crashes a fair bit. It also has no concept of "File, Save" and makes live changes to files as you work on them so make backups! More than one map has vanished to the big Doom Editor In The Sky because XWE messed up the lumps.

Also, it can't handle garbage characters at the end of texture definitions in TEXTURE1 lumps. SLumpEd puts these, so TEXTURE1s edited with SLumpEd will then break in XWE.

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The current Wine betas available from the WineHQ repository (1.2-RC) seem to have suffered a regression in window focus while switching applications when using a compositing window manager.

This means if you're using Metacity with compositing enabled, Compiz or xcompmgr, switching to DB1 3D Mode will result in you having to click once with the mouse to get keyboard control. I found this sufficiently irritating so I've switched back to the current stable in the Ubuntu repos (1.1.42) which works fine.

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