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Large map not building nodes

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Hello all,

I've recently started mapping maps in Doom Builder, and have been working on my second one. I'm currently using all Doom 2 sources, which isn't really relevant to my problem...

It's like this; the map is pretty large (7002 sidedefs, 1582 things), and when I try and save it, the lower bar remains forever stuck on "building map nodes...". I'm guessing the map is too large, and wonder if perhaps Zen Nodes is the problem and an alternative to it is the answer.

At any rate, this problem is stressing me out! I've put plenty of hours of work into this map, and I would hate to see it's progress stopped short as a result of being too large!

Edit: Ah, yes, and I forgot to mention--I am using Zdoom, if that has any bearing on the situation.

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7002 sidedefs ins't large at all. Did you actually try a different nodebuilder? Can you provide a download link for your map?

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I haven't tried a new node builder (I don't know where to start, though I'm sure some trial and error might figure it out). Here is a link with the wad in question:


The player 1 start is meant to be in the house with the other three; I can't save it without it getting stuck so I can't put the first player start back D :

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I used a different node builder and it did indeed work just fine. Now I feel silly for having made a thread about it. Thanks anyway!

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It shouldn't hang, even if it takes long. How long did you wait until you decided that something isn't ok? Saving the map takes about 3-4 seconds on my i5 750.

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