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ok, more level editing questions (maybe i'm asking too much)

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Im still going to use Doom legacy.... I followed the Editing tutorial for a TRUE 3d bridge with Doom legacy.

-make 5 sectors
-sectors C,D,E: Floor= -64 Ceiling= 128
-sector A,B: Floor= 0 Ceiling= 128
-make DUMMY SECTOR (F): Floor= -8 Ceiling= 0
-set Special thing of sector F to (281) <----????
(edited raw data of TYPE to 281 with WAD AUTHOR)
-Tagged sector F to C(suppose to put the brigde there)

I followed the instruction and checked the stuff over and over again and still the 3d-bridge didnt come up. Do i have to download sum binaries to do this????

If your the person who wrote the Doom Legacy editing spec can ya help meeh??? I can e-mail the level to u too if ya like.

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