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pnames screwed up? WTF?

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well this dm level I'm making with for zdoom, using wadauthor and xwe, was going well. I had added a few textures from gothictx and things went well. I went to make a couple of major revisions and decided to add one more texture. well, for some reason all the pnames got scrambled, not just the ones I added, but the doom2 ones as well. I don't suppose this has happened to anyone else. if it has, does anyone know what could have caused it? if it was an error on my part, I would like to know so as to avoid any such future headaches.

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I've had all the textures screw up in Wintex, usually after copy/pasting a pnames or texture1/2 lump, and they didn't match or something. (I'm not quite sure)

In any case, I now use DeePsea for pnames and texture editing, cos it's so much easier to add new textures.

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When you add a wall texture, you need to create a new entry with the name "PP_START" and another one named "PP_END". Between them, you put all you wall textures in it. Then you right click on each textures and you "Add to patch name" and "Add to texture". It will create 2 lumps "PNAMES" and "TEXTURE1". If you want to add a texture after all that, just load it and put it between the PP_START and PP_END, right click and add it to the two again.
If it's not a wall texture but a floor/ceiling, it's not PP_START but FF_START and FF_END and you DO NOT add it to the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES.

I think I got your problem once, I managed to fixed it by :
1- Delete all the added textures lumps
2- Open TEXTURE1 and go to all your added texture deleting them with the menu "Textures/Delete" (Just below duplicate) and do "Textures/Save"
3- Open PNAMES and go to the bottom of the list. You should have all your textures name with a number next to it. Delete all your added textures and go to "PatchName/Save"

Now all of your added texture should be deleted from your wad. Just look at the start of my post to know how to insert them. Hope this helps.

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I fixed it. I just copied and pasted the pnames from the doom2 iwad over the the ones that got fucked up. so everything is fine. still don't know what caused it.

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