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Snow in ZDoom?

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I only need 7 or 8, but the grey stalagmite doesn't appear in dehacked or in WA, so how would I bring it into both? (as I might have a use for it)

I could put it in WA by replacing the dead lost soul, and I can create new thing classes in WA, but I'm not sure about the bit number for creating new things - can you just create your own one (ie. the next one in sequence) like with the thing classes, or is it a specific number?

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The grey stalagmite isn't a thing, but it does have a frame. Presumably id were going to use it and then didn't for whatever reason. Because of that, the frame never gets used, so it is a spare frame. You could allocate it to the dead lost soul thing in dehacked (and set suitable bits too) and thereby create a placeable stalagmite.

I've answered your other queries more fully on the Zdoom forum


As far as the WA specific stuff goes, I dunno. I use DeePsea and have only briefly toyed with WA.

Should have mentioned before, if you poke around my site either in the doom general or dehacked sections you may well find the answers to some of the stuff you have been asking about.

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