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Skyboxes in ZDoom

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Hi all,

I've been messing with Skyboxes in DB2 with ZDoom.
I have managed to setup a dummy sector with the skybox and placed the Skybox Viewpoint and also the Skybox Picker in the sector I want the Skybox to replace F_SKY1.

The problem, exactly how big should my skybox sector be?
The texture i am using is SKY2 from the cc4-tex resource pack, this texture is 1024x256. So my linedef is 1024x256 and the viewpoint is looking straight at that.

When I launch the game to test my map the skybox does appear however maps the whole dummy sector to the skybox. I've tried adjusting the size of the sector and also the distance that the viewpoint is away from the textured linedef.

Any pointers??



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Why are you using a sky box if all you want is to use a normal sky texture? Are you trying to invest a lot of efforts in obtaining something that looks bad?

There are other methods to change the sky out there. Whether you use MAPINFO or Static_Init, a normal Doom-style sky texture is better off using the cylinder projection rather than being splattered across a skybox.

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Gez is right, but remember the skybox viewpoint will show whatever is around it 360 degrees and transcribe that to the sky. So it can be useful if you want to use some architecture in your skybox here is some past stuff I've done showing what you can do.

Spheroid skybox using slopes - creates a seam free skybox the texture surface is all floor or ceiling only in the skybox which results in perfect alignment.

This kind is a bit different, there is a horizon line inside the skybox then a double sky is used with the second sky showing behind the fire which is actually the first sky texture.


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I like the idea of skyboxes instead of directly replacing f_sky1. I'll have to play around in the viewpoint sector and see what I can come up with as those are two interesting examples.



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Has anyone tried making a Skybox with Zterrain? I find it difficult to do anything decent with it, and would love to see some examples.

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Yeah, you'd have to bake lighting in the floor textures, making it kinda tedious.

To represent architecture, though, it's not bad. You can create a scaled-down city that will become a large metropolis looming in the distance.

It's also possible to have a sky in the skybox, which will then use the sky texture. I've used that effect for a Void-style map. The sky texture is a warping nebula, and the skybox contains custom spawner actors that randomly create various stars and particles with alpha transparency.

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gemini09 said:

Is that Hud available for free use? It looks interesting, although the weapon and ammo info seems to be missing?

Anyway, I want to make a skybox for GZDoom/ ZDoom.

I have 5 textures for the box, but the Wiki doesn't explain what to do with them: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Skybox

That HUD is for another unreleased MOD unfortunately.

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