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Eureka 0.81 Released

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Ahh I see, not a real mouse-wheel. I have seen one of those things on a laptop. From Eureka (and FLTK) point of view, the mouse wheel is like two buttons (up and down) and we get events for each "click" of those buttons when scrolling the wheel.

I'm not sure how to slow that down, except maybe to ignore an wheel event if it is too close in time to the previous event -- but maybe a person with a real mouse wheel just happens to scroll fast sometimes.

FLTK will get horizontal mouse-wheel events in similar way, like left and right buttons. Not sure about touch-pad scrolling. FLTK (the source) comes with some test programs, the 'keyboard' test program is useful for seeing what it can handle.

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Just got a fatal error while inserting a vertex.

Assertion len > 0 failed
In function PerpDist (src/lib_util.cc:341)
Wish I had better steps to reproduce it. I inserted one vertex in the center of a sector with no others selected, changed my grid size from 64 to 32, and with the first inserted vertex selected attempted to insert a second 64 units to the first's right.

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Hmmm, that error can only occur if Eureka created a zero-length linedef, which it normally refuses to do.

I will (a) double check that normal line insertion never creates zero-length lines and (b) if there is a zero-length line somewhere, it won't produce a fatal error.

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