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Eureka map editor port for Mac

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Hello, I've made a Mac OS X port for andrewj's cool new map editor Eureka originally designed for Linux. Please tell me what you think, if it works on your system, and so on and so on. It's based on SVN r262 from http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net

Links are here:

Executable: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5103936/Eureka.app.zip
Port source code: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5103936/EurekaOSXPortSource.zip (GPL 2 like the original)
Original source code: http://sourceforge.net/p/eureka-editor/code/
Joining the source codes: extract the contents of Port source code zip so that folder "MACOSX" is sibling with "src".

Known issues:

- only one window possible, can't open multiple windows each with a wad. Original implementation works like this, but I want to change it at some moment.
- WADs get associated with Eureka upon installation, but if you double click one, it would only open the app, not directly the WAD. You'll be able there to choose the PWAD.

A lot of thanks to andrewj for the map editor!

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I have a both a Mac and PC. Obviously, I do all my mapping on DB2, but I would be willing to give this a try. How does this editor compare to Doom Builder 2?

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See main thread here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/62244-eureka-0-81-released/

It's less powerful than Doom Builder 2 for the moment, but nearly all good editors so far have been Windows only. Note that andrewj is the one who made the main editor, I only made the port to OS X (the original being for Linux).

Note about the OS version: in theory this should work for 10.5 "Leopard" or more, but I couldn't test it on less than what I have (10.7 "Lion").

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Thank you, Printz for the Mac port of Eureka. It's running fine on my 10.7.5. I'm looking forward to Andrew's future updates; Doom is, afterall, turning 20 this year and it's about time I got back into map making!

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Great iniative, it runs fine for me on OSX 10.8. I am currently working on a DM map. Me and my brother have been play testing it lately. Nice to have a working editor for us Mac users. I do miss Hellmaker a bit though ;-) Again, thanks!

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