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Can't get 3D bridges to work when nodebuilding a map with Zennode

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I am working on a Boom compatible map using Doombuilder 1.68 and it has gotten large enough that to the point that BSP-32 crashes with insufficient memory. I have Doombuilder 2.1 which I can do enemy placement in but prefer the older Doombuilder for map building.

If build the nodes in Zennode 3D Bridges in the map will not work properly. You will fall through the bridge and get stuck.

Is there any way to solve this issue so I can get 3D bridges working while building the bsp nodes using Zennode.

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I'm guessing your using the mid-texture style here with self referencing lowering/raising floor which can be really finicky, I'd have to see this map and I would know what is wrong but as it stands there just isn't enough information for me to even postulate the problem without seeing the map.

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The 3D Bridges I had problems with were more than 32 in width (112 wide). So what I did is I added 2 dummy sectors 32 wide each and this has fixed the problem. Map runs perfectly fine now. Its a city map named Urban Battle I have been working on since mid October.

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As a general advice with any construct that uses self referencing sectors, always make sure that the player touches at least one linedef at any time.

If any subsector touches sidedefs with 2 different sectors results are completely unpredictable.

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