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OBJ to MD3 converter

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I've been litterally searching all night for a converter that converts OBJ to MD3 and its driving me nuts. I make my models using Wings 3D, which doesn't support MD3 so I would like to convert the OBJ output to MD3 and so far there's no other program that does that.

Oh and please don't come with Milkshape, I really can't stand that program anymore. The damn program only gives me errors when I try to export to MD3 so thats just wasting time on a program that was never much good to begin with. First it bitches about there not being a control file, and then when I name the damn QC file to the name of the model it says "An error occured! Please check your control file!". I've read about changing the control file yourself in Wordpad, but fuck that.

The last option I have is downloading Blender just so I can stick some MD3 converter onto it, but I really don't feel like polluting my HD just for that.

Why can't this be easier? Fuck.

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I'm just stunned that apparently nobody in this community knows about a good converter for something that is a big part of OpenGL source ports.

Also, I'm so sorry for cursing on a Doom forum about Doom. You know, Big Fucking Gun and stuff, totally no F-bombs. Give me a break.

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If you think I'm an asshole because I've been searching for a sollution all night, I'd say you're just not very considering of my position here.

Anyway, I downloaded Blender with a script and it seems to be working for now. Will be posting more if anything turns out wrong.

Perhaps there should be a sticky topic somewhere on here or on ZDoom about usefull links for modeling and other openGL use in Doom?

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Misfit 3D supports both Obj and MD3 - if you download the in development* version rather than the stable one (which does not support MD3). Load up the Obj and save as an MD3. You tell the prog to save as whichever format by simply typing the appropriate extension (md3 in this case) in the file/save dialogue.


*Although it says that it is the development version, development has in fact stopped. I have been using it for months and had no significant problems with it.

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I have another issue I need some help with. The MD3 files that GZDoom uses need frame numbers right? This can be done in Blender I think, but since I use Wings 3D (which doesn't support animation) I would like to know how to accomplish this. Its just for a static model.

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If it is just a static model, then you only need one frame and even without animations in the model, that frame exists and is number 0.

So, for your modeldef, the line that allocates the model to a sprite frame would look something like this (using POSSA as an example sprite name):

FrameIndex POSS A 0 0

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