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If you've ever had to merge multiple WAD files containing textures, maps, ANIMATED\SWITCHES and other lumps, this tool will do that for you. It is a command line utility, but you can also drag WAD files onto it's executable to output a single merged WAD file.

This is a rewrite of the previous version of WADMerge, and is easier to use (dragging and dropping files onto it works), does not need the path to an IWAD, and does not require any dependencies like a 16 year old runtime. It is written in D, and made available under a simplified BSD license. The source code is available at https://github.com/GitExl/WADMerge/

Any feature or bug requests are welcome, especially since this has not yet been tested with any large amount of WAD files.


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Yay, so now it also supports midis, sprites and everything? Very nice! I've been using the old version all the time for making various compilations.
edit: hm, but the interface for choosing one of the versions on texture conflicts is gone now? That's a shame.

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Choosing one version visually is gone, yes. I'm not yet sure how to do that in a non external dependency requiring semi-cross-platform way. The idea is that the WADs are merged so that the lumps\textures inside the WAD that is specified last take precedence over all others. It outputs any overwritten textures or lumps so you can at least take note of them.

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Since I posted this thread, I've added some other features and improved this. Most notably it can now merge some text-based lumps together, such as MAPINFO and ANIMDEFS. Patches that are not used by any texture are filtered out, better vanilla Doom compatibility, support for Strife TEXTURE* lumps, and fixed some minor bugs.

I'm necro-ing this thread in the hopes of having some more people try this out. It does not touch any input WAD files and asks if you want to overwrite any destination file, so even if it somehow fails badly it is not risky to try it out.

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