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Doom Editing Tutorials
Learn how to do Doomy things
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DUMB can monsters telefrag the player? Face23785 7 904
DUMB Translator between Boom generalized linedef <-> corresponding regular linedef? fabian 8 901
WTF KEENs on a MAP07? fabian 9 508
QUESTION Further dissection of single-map WAD files with deutex fabian 2 668
ClosedI need a bug fixer for my maps that doesnt do the following Ezxariarch 11 614
Closedhey i need music editor. Ezxariarch 1 887
ClosedHow do I make each level use its individual sky with Zdoom Ezxariarch 9 761
ClosedCan or how do i ADD a custom weapon to Zdoom or use monster attacks? Ezxariarch 2 581
ClosedCan i add a Spark trail to Any projectile i want with Zdoom? Ezxariarch 2 497
ClosedHow long is a duration unit actually last in DeHackEd Ezxariarch 1 435
HELP Doom Legacy error "R_TextureNumForName: Not Found"?? Ezxariarch 8 2529
QUESTION What a good level/map needs? Ezxariarch 14 950
DUMB Scripting Help for my new Zdoom based wad. Ezxariarch 21 838
DUMB Decorate Help with monsters and weapons Ezxariarch 2 407
ClosedHow do i make a thing flash in and out of existence? Like the Invis-orb in Zdoom. Ezxariarch 1 460
Closedmeeh hella bored...waiting fer a team to join Ezxariarch 2 1386
ClosedWhen's Hell Storm coming back? Ezxariarch 9 909
ClosedHow come i cant see my new custom floor/ceiling textures??? Ezxariarch 4 644
ClosedHow do i make Deep water effect Ezxariarch 9 1043
Closedok, more level editing questions (maybe i'm asking too much) Ezxariarch 0 697
ClosedHas any one else made a more then two floors high level with Doom Legacy? Ezxariarch 3 606
ClosedAre all you Doom Editing peepz in college or over with it execpt me??! Ezxariarch 1 773
ClosedHow do I Align da lower texture??? Ezxariarch 6 563
Closedwhy do i see threw my walls at one angle, not da other. Ezxariarch 6 586
ClosedWhere to I submit mah new wads? Ezxariarch 6 598
ClosedTHANK U X-DOOM!!!! =) Ezxariarch 1 645
ClosedHow come i cant convert some Midis into MUS files for my doom wad? Ezxariarch 4 831
ClosedWhy cant I DL stuff, from anymore?!?!?! Ezxariarch 4 561
ClosedMy floors falts gets split in half (new level builder) Ezxariarch 18 884
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