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DevastatioN said:

heh, that guy dont have half the dwango wads, here's my page with them all afaik :)


There wasn't a dwango9, but you miss dwango10.

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thats because Dwango10 was an ass licking piece of shit :p much like the later dwangos hehe and afaik D10 wasn't even made by the actual company thingy ma bober doers

Edit: I just added Dwango10.wad on my site, so go grab it.

FYI: Im pretty sure there used to be a Dwango9.wad but it actually got lost and no one has a copy of it anymore.

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There are at least a few good maps in Dwango10, map16 in particular is great fun for 3 or more players. Most of the maps are forgettable.

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