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ian wilson, jive & herian megawads...

I'm proud to announce to you that Ian Wilson asked me to be the converter of its fantastic wads "Herian" and "Herian2" for Doom Legacy.
By now, Herian2 was not playable with Legacy...
But with my help, you will have soon an awesome version (3d water in particulary, Boom features,...)
NO !
With the author request...! (wink to someone...) (and no : it's not a provocation! It's just the confirmation that Darknation has perfectly understood what is and why is Jive's work...)

A second important point of vue :

Each have its own awesome features! Zdoom is great ! Legacy is great !
But Zdoom player can't play Legacy wads, and reciprocally : what a pity!

Imagine what will become Doom with both Zdoom and Legacy features...
I'm absolutely sure that, somewhere, there is somebody competent to make that dream a reality !
I don't want to have ONE melted port!
I just dream Legacy with the Zdoom features, and Zdoom with the Legacy ones...
Each with its own and personal presentation : you prefer Zdoom lightings, and me the Legacy ones? No problem!
You prefer Legacy fog and I prefer the Zdoom one? No problem!
Play the same wad with two different presentations, but : PLAY the same wad !

Some men are actually quite stupid to think : the port I use is the only good one !
Hey, Zdoom and Legacy teams, some men continue a stupid war : Zdoom against Legacy, and this is a child point of vue !

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