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UAC Screensaver?

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Seen some blurbs in various forums about a screensaver that displays a 3d rendered UAC logo like the one in DOOM3. Last posts I saw about it were around Sept-Dec 2004 so I would have been in the Middle East.

After some net searching, all I was able to come up with was about 6 .bmp's with the logo in various states of movement.

Does anyone out there still have a good version of this thing spyware free?

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I have it. somebody brought it up from this last quakecon stating they have it and posted a link so i snagged it myself. 115kb file. and no "spyware" to my knowledge..

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None of them are this one though, I use to have this one. It looked EXACTLY like the screensaver on the monitors in the game.

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