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doom.wrong.button.com - more music.

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I just added the tracks from Earthworm Jim Special Edition to the ftp. They're in the miscellaneous dir. Take a listen to "Big Bruty" and "Intestinal Distress". Sound kinda like a certain game we all know and love? Ambient music. 6 mins long.

Maybe I created a monster of this ftp. What once started as a place to put my Doom music turned into an all purpose Doom FTP. Now the toons are popular. With Cacodemon Leader's Vectorman 2 tunes, the EWJ tunes, Descent, Duke, and Doom tunes, it's now looking like a game music ftp as well. IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE!

That's all for now. Talk to yall later!

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/me goes to upload tons of .mp3s and .its

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