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Is there a connection between Quake and Doom?

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Piper Maru said:

I wish there was a sequel or a remake of the original Quake.

Maybe someone will make a mod with gz quake. Though I did enjoy Quake II it was my first game in the series.

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kalinus said:

Maybe someone well make a mod with gz quake. Though I did enjoy Quake II it was my first game in the series.

Darkplaces with HD mods

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Y'know, I was gonna mention Dank & Scud, but I see somebody already has on page 1!

MmM said:

In the Lobotomy-ported, Sega Saturn port of Quake there's a secret, narrated comic book you can find in one of the levels that details the adventures of Dank & Scuz, two Quake Marines. At the end of the comic they run into the DOOM marine, who saves their butt with his BFG, and either Dank or Scuz (can't remember which), remarks "I want that weapon!" (The DOOM guy's got a funny voice too, he sounds kinda like a magnified/distorted Arnold Schwarzenegger). The Saturn version of Quake is worth the purchase for this, and the four new secret levels, alone (Hell's Aerie--which I like to call Ewok Village, because that's basically what it is, rules).

So, from, the standpoint of that comic, I'd say the DOOM and Quake universes could be connected. Granted, id Software didn't do the port, but it is an officially licensed id product.

Use3D said:

Yeah it's the best port of Quake I've played. The new secret levels are great, and I still laugh at the comic.

fraggle said:

And nobody has youtube'd this yet?

Also, apparently somebody did.

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I actually encountered the comic at the tail end of a strategy guide for Quake 64 (it came with a magazine, but I couldn't tell you which one for the life of me; Gamer's Republic, maybe?). I hadn't really paid any attention to either Quake or Doom at that point, but it was a very interesting read even still. Always liked how the segment where they're investigating the Phobos base in search of a BFG9000 was so much more colorful than the rest of the comic. (Also didn't dawn on me until recently why this was a fruitless search; not because the UAC marines took all the BFGs, but because Episode 1 didn't have any plasma weapons to begin with!)

That said, my unfamiliarity with either source material let me gloss over some things that are kinda glaring now - like how the Doom guy is clearly a sprite in a model's world, except for closeups of his head which are clearly the Quake Ranger's model. Actually surprised I didn't notice this sooner.

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Haloless0320 said:

I've always wondered ever since quake 1 and 2 came out...are they in the doom universe?I always figured that the events of quake 1 and 2 took place many years after final doom.
Anyone have any theories?

Outside of combat hours, the armor bonus helmet in Doom is an Occulus headset the Doom marine puts on to play Quake, thus making Quake a subset of Doom.

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The slipgates and other dimensions are what tie the two together, allowing for seperate stories to occasionally interact like in Quake 3. The slipgates were what caused infiltration in both Quake and Doom. I haven't played Commander Keen, but I think it's fair to assume he went on to become the one responsible for infiltrating the bases in the Quake world. So Quake 1&2 can be same universe, we just haven't  seen those particular enemies enter each other's dimensions...yet. And as far as Wolfenstein goes, you would expect to see nazis in hell, perhaps they messed something up with the Spear of Destiny and opened a portal and the demons started using cybernetics. 

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