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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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Some freaky stuff I decided to make of E2M4's sector 20. Has anyone else thought like this when played this part of the map?

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ASD said:

Some freaky stuff I decided to make of E2M4's sector 20. Has anyone else thought like this when played this part of the map?

For a second there I thought this was something you could find in E2M4 but when I tried to do the trick, then I found out it was fake. You sure got me there! :P

Anyways, here's two big videos of me playing JCPack.wad:

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I thought I would share this in hopes someone would be interested in it. tl;dr version: heretic EDGE demo.

The next version of the 3DGE port (1.37) will have full support for HERETIC. Right now, what we're looking at is an in-progress video. The port loads the IWAD (heretic) and the correct Playpal/Colormap and all that jazz, but things that are obviously not working yet are inventory storing/releasing, among others (HUD, etc.). The majority of the HDF(DDF) code is being written by CeeJay and I'm doing the engine-side stuff. I wrote some of this information at the Doom Wiki in preperation, so the Heretic support can be [mostly] validated now.

You can see it still needs some work, but you can play through the entire game start-to-finish. The next release of 3DGE (1.36 final) will have it as well, but it wasn't part of the plan for that branch so it'll only be partial. Vanilla compatibility is obviously low (like DOOM in EDGE) and I'm not going to jump through hoops to make it super accurate. Most of this code will be controlled through HDF, though additions will be made engine-side for anything Heretic-specific for DOOM as well (inventory).

I know most DOOM ports have had Heretic support for years now, but this is exciting news for EDGE users (and myself, of course). Thought a nice sneak-peek would do some good! ;-)

However, I don't think I'll include HEXEN support as it's too complicated and won't be worth it (Zdoom/Jdoom is around for that game). Strife is a possibility because the vast majority of the scripts can be done in RTS, and the rest will need to be adapted, but we'll see. I've been so busy juggling various projects around but it's always nice to get work done on this port ;)

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