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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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How long have you been playing Doom for? Are you new to just the forums or the game itself? (Cool videos too by the way)

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Here's a review on the creepy Doom WAD adessa.wad:

And here's a review on a beta WAD that's a newer version of TheVideoGameFreak100's TC of the Creepypasta PC game The Theater:

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Here's my fourth installment of Terry Madness:

And here's a playthrough of a very crappy and frustrating WAD called SIGTAGNY.wad:

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Here are the four latest videos from my channel, the first three of which I forgot to post here.

Ultimate Doom: Fear.wad UV max in 5:37:

Ultimate Doom: Fear.wad NM speed in 0:29 (glitched route) and 3:00 (intended route):

Ultimate Doom: Fenris1 UV max in 2:26 and UV speed in 0:58:

Ultimate Doom: Football.WAD UV max in 0:38 and UV -fast in 0:24:

The original demos are available starting from here in my idgames/levels/doom Quest thread.

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Here are the sixteenth and seventeenth Crappy Doom WAD quadruple features from me:

Huh, so you are the person making those videos? I am subscribed to your channel because I find your crappy wad playthroughs to be amusing. Would you be willing to do a playthrough of my early wads? They are very shit I assure you :)

EDIT: Here is my very first wad ever released, if you are interested. It makes me blush to think that I thought it was decent at the time: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/g-i/houses.zip

A terrible collection of random 1994-ish maps. Gorilla anus material right there. 1/5


Why? Why would you do this?


Chimanzee anus 0/5


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