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Led Zeppelin for ever, man. Zeppelin and Skynyrd. Of course, the odd RATM or Rammstein is greatly appreciated, and I LOVED the Propellerheads' album that came out after The Matrix.

I was brought up in a dichotomous musical situation: my mother (God bless her) was a big 60's folk music (aaaaagh!!) fan, so I heard plenty of stuff like the Yardbirds (actually they're pretty cool, that was Jimmy Page's band before the Zepp) and the Mommas and the Poppas. Thankfully, most of my uncles were big Zeppelin, ACDC, and Bad Company fans.

College is a great place to find music. I got pretty big into Rage, Dave, and Pumpkins.

Gee, and to think that I'm just a retarded faggot ass...


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