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Which is the easiest control setup for PC Doom?

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W - forward
S - backward
A - left
D - right

E - use
Shift - Run (I have my pinky permanently glued to this)

LMB - Primary Fire
RMB - AltFire
Mouse Wheel - Weapon Scroll

Space - Jump
Z - Swim Up
X - Swim Sown

KP4/5/6 - Inv scroll left, inv use, inv scroll right

Y - Open Console
T/U - Chat/Team Chat
; - Scoreboard

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Feniks said:

I know it's not the most popular choice nowadays, but I use the default control setup and mouse.

You beast! I'm useless with the default setup.

Feniks said:
I know a lot of players disable vertical mouse movement, but I rely on it a lot, as it's really helpful to accelerate my speed without straferunning or to make small movements when punching demons [/B]

I actually keep the vertical movement at the lowest setting to aid in what you just mentioned. Mousewheelup changes next weapon, Mwheel down previous weapon. Right click is strafe, but I rarely use it that way aside from wall running. I also have two side buttons on my R.A.T. 7 mouse which I assign to jump and toggle crouch in modern wads. I also have scoreboard assigned to R so I don't have to move much to see where I'm at on the totem pole.

I don't know why, but seeing how everyone plays the same game differently absolutely fascinates me. With my personal setup, I (for the most part) dominate in larger DM maps, but suffer in smaller duel settings, either because of my control scheme or maybe just personal ability and reflexes.

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I set up WASD and don't touch anything else. Scroll wheel changes my weapons which is clunky but better than taking my hand off the keyboard. If I'm playing a tough Survival game I may set up fly up and fly down so I can watch.

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Hello old me, me from the future uses RTY-space, with space as backward. It seems most efficient, though I wish I had a better bottom button than space, but I'm too used to the exact center of the board to move.

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On my MacBook I only play with the keyboard:

[ move forward
; turn left
' move back
\ turn right

a: run
s: shoot
d: sidestep
f: use

The arrow keys are too small to be comfy, and the other lower keys seem to not trigger any signal to DOSBox (especially on Boot Camp Windows XP, it seems), or are mapped to system actions.

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