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Doom related Youtube channels

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Blzut3 said:

I played through Hacx with Xaser and Nostromo once. Not that I really intended to put the videos up on youtube while recording, so the entertainment value of the commentary may vary.

i watched a little bit and i actually find this pretty interesting, as someone who has little interest in actually playing through HacX but is interested in its history.

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This channel is my main, but I also post other game videos as well such as Diablo 2.


this is my DOOM only channel. I usually use this one when I want to comment on a video that the user is someone from doomworld.


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ella guro said:

does anyone do let's plays of PWAD's (or even IWADs) with commentary/notations that has info about how the maps were made, or general info about how the project came about or the authors and who they are and what they're doing now, or other info along those lines? i'd love to see something like that.

My doom LP has an intro commentary as well as scattered Facts about doom tht i felt like talking about on a whim. Just look up GameFaceLetsPlay

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XaneCorpProductions is my channel. I post my online Doom gameplay there (so far, that is Armageddon and All Out War 2) and. Sometimes might make a video related to Doom or a tutorial fo Doom Builder 2.

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