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Nicknames for Doom monsters?

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Pinkies: pigs or wild boars.
Imps: lizardmen or gypsies.
Cacodemon: Ευχούληδες (ehf-hoo-lee-dehs), the Greek name for "Wish Trolls". Don't even ask.
Archvile: Anti-Christs. I really thought they were meant to be evil clones/mockeries of Jesus Christ.
Lost Souls: flying whores/cursing ravens. The former, for obvious reasons. The latter, because their sound reminded me of a raven's crow.

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some that I've assigned while doing FDAs:

revenants: missiliers
imps: long lobbers
specters: shadow demons
demons: flesh mongers

I call icon of sin 'goatface' but I think that's pretty standard fare.

I sometimes call cacodemons monstrosites.

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Zombieman - Private Target Practice
Shotgun Guy - Sergeant Glass Cannon
Heavy Weapon Dude/Chaingunner - Hitscan Terror
Imp - Shell Fodder
Demon - Pinky
Lost Soul - PITA Skull
Cacodemon - Hissy Relative
Hell Knight - Sir U.M. (Underground Monkey)
Baron of Hell - Baron Von Meatshield
Arachnotron - Plasma Fanatic
Pain Elemental - Scrappy Elemental or PITA Elemental
Revenant - Limit Breaker
Mancubus - Fireball Spammer
Archvile - Pyromedic
Spider Mastermind - Ol' Not-Completely-Worthless (If used correctly, she can be even worse than a cyberdemon.)
Cyberdemon - Cybo (E2M8-style battles only), Rocket-Spamming Bullet Sponge.
Wolfenstein SS - Postman (Thank Balames87 for that nickname)
Icon Of Sin - Mook Spitter

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When I was much younger, I used to refer to lost souls as "Haa Things" in reference to the noise they made

Also, Demons were, and to some extent still are, called "pink nasties"

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And now for the two dehacked monsters from Scythe II

Evil Marine - Speedy El Cheapo (due to being amazingly difficult to hit.)
Afrit - FEOFD (Flying Engine of Fiery Death)

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I met a guy on the XBLA version of Doom who called Pinky demons "Munch-em's."

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A complete Phobus listing of names for in-game characters:

Pain Elementals
Hell Knights; Goats*
Barons; Goats*
Arachs; Spiders**
Spiderdemons; Spiders**
Cybs; Cybies

*Usually for mixed groups, as they pose an equal lack of threat and just require identifying and sinking ammo into
**The family resemblance means you get groupings like in MAP28 and MAP23, so generally it's "kill the spiders" or "let the spiders fight it out amongst themselves"

Creative, I know, but I only really talk about Doom to people who already know it and have mapped for it at some point... Usually playing co-op with my brother.

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Demons = Pink Pigs
Icon of Sin = John Romero
Cyberdemon = Cybie
CacoDemon = Caca
Wolfenstain SS Nazi from secret maps = Adolf Hitler :P

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skull fly (lost soul)

revenant - tall skeleton guy

doomguy - taggart

zombieman - pistol zombie

shotgun guy - shotgun zombie sergeant

heavy weapons dude - chaingun zombie commando

wolfenstein ss - rapid fire nazi

cyberdemon - cyb

spider master mind - the giant chaingun spider

arachtron - normal plasma spider

cacodemon - float energy demon

pain elemenal - float skull demon

demon - bull

hell knight - weak baron guy

baron of hell - strong baron guy

arch vile - energy resurrect demon

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I usually call their nicknames in Chinese, English is still ok. I can made a try.

Zombieman and Sergeants: Zombies
Chaingunners: Chaingunnies(Cute enough, blob1024 once called them with this nickname)
Imps: Piece of shit
Demons: Pinky/Gui-Gui(Because of their sound of death)
Spectres: Invisible particle
Revenant: Bai Gu Jing(A female monster in a very famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West", which means "white bone spirit")
Mancubus: Fat Ass
Hell Knight: Sir Hell
Baron of hell: King of Hell
Cacodemons: Sh-sh(Because of their alerting sounds)
Pain Elementals: PE
Lost souls: Flying soul heads
Archvile: Hell's sorcerer
Arachnotrons: Spiders
Spider Mastermind: Huge mother spider
Cyberdemon: Niu Mo Wang(Same, it's a monster in the Chinese novel "Journey to the West".)
Icon of Sin: Boss
Nazis: Nazi

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The postman nickname for the SS soldiers made me crack.

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I don't remember all of them but:

Zombieman/Shotgun zombie: Zombie
Imp: Imp or Spinies
Demon: Pinky
Baron: Hell Prince
Spider Mastermind: Spidermind
Mancubus: Fatties

Nicknames given them in the books. YES I READ THE BOOKS.

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My dad was calling cyberdemon "galactus" (because it's as big as galaxy). We were calling demons "grunters" and cacodemons "bearballs". I've translated it pretty loosely, since these names were really abstractive. Original names were "galaktus(y)", "chrumpak(i)", "miśkuła/miśkuły" and "pfarpfun(y)". The last one were used for chaingunner/chaingunners and just meant absolutely nothing at all. Oh well, I was about 4 years old back then.

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our hero - the racist(cause he kills undead and demons so they revenge him)or doomdude or dd

zombies - the undead guys
zombieman - pistol zombie
shotgun guy - shotgun sergeant zombo or sg
heavy weapons dude - commando zombrerro or hwd

imp - dat ass (because its a female monster and it has an ass so i called it like this)

demons - dogs (the kind of look like dogs to me)
spectre - the "partial invisiblity" dog (because he looks the same as the hero (doomguy) when he gets that powerup)

lost soul - lostie (because hes lost and hostie)or lo

cacodemon - the coconut demon (because he looks like a coconut and it has caco at the begining of the name)

pain elemental - skull coconut demon (he looks the same (almost) as caco only he shoots losties) or pe

mancobus - hamburger

baron of hell - normal baron guy or boh

hell knight - weak baron guy or hk

revenant - stickman

arch-vile - stickman resurrector or av

arachtron - brain

spider master mind - mother of brain or smm

cyberdemon - rocket launcher fucker

icon of sin - the author or ios

wolfenstein ss - girls dream (girls in my class dream about blond and blue eyed and strong bfriends) or ws

monster spawner(cube) - monopoly cube (my mind) or ms

monster target - cake (the monster cubes fly there) or mt

commander keen - 8 year old boy or ck

skulltag monsters:
super shotgun guy - yolo (because its like a bored zombie that was
bored of those undead guys so he decided "yolo" and took an ssg) or ssg guy

cacolatern - yellow fellow

blood demon - bulldog or bd

abadon - black light (hes fire balls are fast and hes black)

belphegor - strong baron guy

dark imp - dat ass 2 (hes black) or di

hetcebus - fartburger (he shoots green energy that looks like fart)

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Nothing too different to the default names really. Usually for the purpose of co-op/survival games, simpler or clearer terms are used, but it's really nothing imaginative. In some sort of rough order equal to the endcast:

Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Heavy Weapon Dude: Zombies
Imp: Imp
Demon: Pig*
Spectre: Spectre
Lost Souls: Souls**
Cacodemon: Caco
Hellknight: Knight
Baron Of Hell: Baron
Arachnotron: Arach
Pain Elemental: PE
Revenant: Rev
Mancubus: Manc
Arch-Vile: Vile***
Spider Mastermind: Spider
Cyberdemon: Cyb
Icon Of Sin: IOS
Wolfenstein SS: SS

* due to the snorting sounds, and mainly for the purpose of not sounding vague during co-op ("What's behind the door?" "Demons" "...yes we know that, what sort of demons?").

** They're not at all lost when they're screaming toward your fucking face, they know exactly where they're going.

*** Why not 'Arch'? Because that's the name of one of our regular players. And we could also be referring to map geometry -- it's all fun and games until someone's confused and toasted by a Vile because they were looking for a curved ceiling.

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Zombiemen- Angry Drug Addicts

Former Shotgunner- Angry Redneck

Former Chaingunner- Chinese Psychopath with a Chaingun

Imp- Brownie

Pinky- Yellow Eyes or Pink Chomp or Chomper

Spectre- House Fly Monster

Baron of Hell- Strong Green Fire Pink Demon

Hellknight- Strong Green Fire Brown Demon

Lost Soul- Flying Skull

Mancubus- Fat Bastard

Arachnotron- Robot Spider with Chainguns

Spider Mastermind- Big Fucking Spider

Cacodemon- One Eyed Menance or Red Killer Balloon

Cyberdemon- Robotic Demon with Rocket Launchers

Revenant- Skeleton with Rocket Launchers and Jet Pack that it never uses.

Archville- Flaming Wizrobe (I'm a fan of Zelda... :3)

SS Nazi- Krauts or Evil Bastards who took away my Jewish relatives and now I get revenge!

Icon of Sin- Evil Wall....

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