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zombi's Doom Collection - Updated: 2/23/13 (Graded Final Doom Added!)

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miko508 said:

zombi, it seems you and I have additional shared history.

Today, I did some research on my sealed copy of Mario Paint.

Well, it is indeed a small world after all, because I now own the exact copy of Mario Paint that you once owned.


Notice the dent on the front of the box near the top right corner.

I came across a post you made a few months ago on a different forum.

What a coincidence!

Wait....what? On which forum? That actually wasn't one that I owned, it was a copy I was interested in buying. I think I posted those pics from a Craiglist listing. Small world either way.

Avoozl said:

I'm starting to regret not buying that unopened box copy of Final Doom I saw on ebay a few weeks ago, I just didn't think full price was worth it for an older game. :P

Well, you can take comfort in knowing it's in good hands with one of your fellow DW members ;)

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I saw the post you made on the other forum about the game, and I assumed you owned it.

It's still a cool coincidence!

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zombi, I have the same boxed shareware in multiple seal variations. This box originally came with an overlapping seal on the back. I'll post pictures when I am done with work for the night.

See my new thread, "Selling My Possibly Re-Sealed Doom Shareware." The one I am selling and the one you have are, unfortunately, re-sealed.

I'm selling mine as "Like New," because the box looks like its never been opened.

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Here are some photos to supplement my previous post:

The one I believe to be authentic

http://i48.tinypic.com/350trwh.jpg - Notice the overlapping plastic
http://i49.tinypic.com/4q0okz.jpg - Notice no seam on the edges

The one I believe to be re-sealed

http://i45.tinypic.com/2q8snqr.jpg - Notice NO overlapping plastic
http://i48.tinypic.com/231d2b.jpg - Notice the presence of a seam on the edges

I spoke with VGA (Kim) about this, as I did not want to send in both copies and possibly lose money. Kim informed me that since the seal variations are so different, one would certainly be found to be re-sealed.

I am posting this information in an attempt to get to the bottom of this. I don't want any of us to send in these games to VGA and have them rejected! In such cases, they rightfully keep the fee (as it is their business to determine what is authentic and what is not).

Any ideas on what is going on here?

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Thanks! Being a fellow collector of sealed Doom games, I knew you'd appreciate it.

As a side note, the copy of Mario Paint that was referenced earlier in this thread came back from VGA with a grade of 80.

Once I have additional graded Doom games, I'll be sure to share. It may be a while, as I have a few games that are next in line to be graded (like GoldenEye 007 & System Shock 2).

Lastly, your graded copy of Final Doom looks amazing!

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