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Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

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So this thread inspired me to go back and have a play on nightmare.

My last serious attempt on Nightmare was waaaaay back in the mid 90's, when I was a keyboard only player, and it at least a decade before I would hear of anyone actually finishing either Doom1 or 2 on nightmare. I was so blown away when I watched a youtube video of someone finishing Doom2. On. Nightmare. I had never ever got past level 3, and usually not level 2. And I was far and away the best doomer among all my friends.

So I guess I have always had this mental block that nightmare mode was impossible.

But over the last week I have been playing on nightmare, and have actually made it through the first 8 levels of Doom2. Level 9 is presenting... some challenges, shall we say.

The only rule I have set for myself is that I want to do the levels in a single run - no saves mid-level.

It is actually a lot of fun. And having got past the mental block that Nightmare is impossible, I am kinda pleased with how far I have progressed too.

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In my experience playing Doom 2 Nightmare on coop, even with multiple players, The Pit is usually the ragequit map.

Maps 12 through 19 are awesome though.

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