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What are your favorite maps? [which you made yourself]

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Most of my levels go through the same cycle:

*I start working on one, thinking that it'll be "teh bezt thing eva" and give me cacowards, fame, power, cash, chicks, etc.

*After months without any major progress I grow sick of it and consider trashing the whole thing

*Somehow I manage to finish it despite thinking that it's a horrible piece of shit that I never should've wasted so much time on

*After a year or so I realize how much better it is than the new crap I'm working on

However, the two maps that I made that I always thought were pretty good are Interception Map17 and Map28.

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MM2 map15. Maybe not my 'best' map (whatever that means), but definitely my favourite because it was the first really ambitious map I'd made for Doom2.

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