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Today our music composer, Abiageal O'Meara released the full Dimensions OST on youtube. We figured since it's completely DOOM related and will appear in full in our megawad currently in progress, we should share it with the DOOM community!

We, along with Abiageal hope you enjoy!


Little Temple Group

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I took a little listen to the soundtracks. The first two sound a bit messy with the synths playing off-beat in the background. The other ambient pieces sounded pretty good, maybe with some sections here or there sounding a bit plain. Otherwise, good job.

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BloodyAcid said:
I took a little listen to the soundtracks. The first two sound a bit messy with the synths playing off-beat in the background. The other ambient pieces sounded pretty good, maybe with some sections here or there sounding a bit plain. Otherwise, good job.

Yeah they seem a little off tempo and stuff. Kind of weird.

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Gotta agree with the two people above me. Some of these tracks sound all out of sync and odd. The rest are a little boring.

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Why isn't this inside the 'Doom General Discussion' folder of the forum?

Anyways, personally I prefer the original soundtrack from Bobby Prince and the remix album Delta Q Delta from the Overclocked crew and the soundtracks of the Memento Mori megawads from whoever put them in there.

Old Post Jan 23 2013 14:05
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is not the cake

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The first track sounds like a generic rap beat as performed by The Shaggs. Everything is somehow shuffled completely out of sync with itself, like the instruments were each recorded completely independently of each other without being informed that they were going to be played simultaneously or at the same tempo. Are you not using a metronome or quantization or a sequencer at all or something? I can't imagine how this would happen.

The rest aren't sounding much better to my ears, with the second track being much like the first with an added random soulsphere pickup sound. Are these actually different songs?

I don't even know where to begin for the map screenshot accompanying them. Sorry little temple dude.

Old Post Jan 23 2013 18:24
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I really like these and I don't mind that some stuff is kind of off sync. I'd say it makes the tracks a lot more interesting. Screw the traditions/norm/music theory/etc.
One of my favorites -

LittleTemple: how about a download link with all tracks in mp3?

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Thanks for the replies!

To sort out some confusion, Little Temple Group (the four of us) have no idea how these tracks were made. Abiageal O'Meara lives in Ireland somewhere and we're in the USA so all questions should probably go directly to her.

As for the tracks sounding off sync, we aren't sure we can hear it personally. There is delay but, from what little we know of music, it would just be the style of synthesizer itself.

As for the ambiance tracks, she apparently spent A LOT of time on them so I can only imagine that if something isn't in time with something else, it probably isn't supposed to be, again, we don't really know.

The poster above me I think hears it, the uniqueness sound of it not being "the norm" and that's kind of why we picked her out of all the others we probably could have chosen.

That being said, all feedback is good and if it turns out her soundtrack doesn't work for most people (the majority) and it really ruins the experience, we could always have it replaced or, if not, you can turn the music off (though we hope we can work something out).

As for MP3, I'd have to try and get ahold of abiageal O'Meara. You could probably drop her an email I'm sure she'd be happy to send you the soundtrack herself =)

Thanks for all the replies!

Little Temple Group

Old Post Jan 23 2013 19:45
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Download link for the whole album in MP3. Currently it's only 128kbps but, for who ever is interested, it should be a quick download. In case something got messed up during the conversion process, here is the complete track list.

01 - The Dimensions Overture
02 - The Dimensional Traveler
03 - Into The Shadows
04 - Metallic Hauntings
05 - A Cold Dark Place
06 - Ambiance Of The Unresters
07 - Symphony Of Darkness
08 - Vesperas
09 - David & Goliath
10 - Secrets Of A Dismal World
11 - Tales From The Underworld
12 - The Dimensional Ending

Also, as for the first two tracks sounding really techno(ish) is simply because we requested it from Abiageal O'Meara. She originally wrote two different tracks for the title and intermission screens that we thought were rather long and orchestrated. However, if you'd like, we can ask her for them back.

Old Post Jan 24 2013 02:07
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Abiageal O'Meara sent us an email today with a link to the original version of the Dimensions Overture track (of which the Dimensional Traveler was going to be based off of)

In case anyone is interested, heres a soundcloud link

Old Post Feb 1 2013 21:49
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I asked an old friend of mine to rant in his own way about the album. Here's what he had to say.

It makes me kick myself a little for wanting it done so quick. I still like it, but the project is nowhere near finished =P


A friend since childhood who is working on a little project for that old computer game most of us over twenty-six know (and hopefully) love called DOOM II asked me to review a soundtrack for that project.

Why did he ask me? Well, I’m not a professional music critic, though, between whoevers reading and myself, maybe I should be! I love music. It has been a part of my life since I thought Chris Cornell could rule the music world. Yeah.. I was one of THOSE kids in high school. My point in fact is, I feel like I have the knack to know good music when I hear it. Most of the time I voice my opinion about a song or a band or whatever when nobody asks. They couldn’t care less. It pisses people off most of the time and I get that. So, with that being put out in the open… Marc figured I’d be the perfect person to give him my honest opinion on a soundtrack simply called “Dimensions”, named after the project.

I don’t know if I’ll start with any particular good vs the bad like some people, I’ll just type and see how it goes.

Firstly, the soundtrack is by a young woman ‘somewhere in Ireland’ from what few people know. Her name is Abiageal O’Meara. She caught Marc’s eye (or ear, if you will) late last year when she appeared on YouTube. Marc and his friends were currently working on a DOOM II project inspired slightly by Goldeneye (the game more so than the movie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you’re over twenty-four, you’re either lying, or you were living under a rock.
Being the music lover I am, I took somewhat of an interest and just figured she was just a someone doing something just for the fun of it. I’m partially right but, what I picked up from her work “The March”, Souls & Secrets and so forth is this. She could be someone if she wants to be. She has that certain feel for instruments, be it electronic or otherwise and you know it when you hear her play. I will say that much.

Then Marc sent me the Dimensions soundtrack in an email a week or so ago.

A few things about the email alone made me pause. Firstly, Marc gave Ms. O’Meara a month. That’s right, one month, to write a twelve-track album. Ouch. I don’t write music, couldn’t to save my life but, I’m pretty sure a month isn’t near enough time in music terms.
Still, I thought what the heck. I mean, maybe they’re really small tracks.
It turns out, the album runs a hair over 44 minutes. I gave it a few listens, and have decided to review each song.

Name – The Dimensions Overture
Length – 1:14
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Electronic/techno

The Opener of the album and the title song for the DOOM II project. I can’t really convay how I feel about this track. It’s fast. It’s rather loud. Then it’s over.

Okay okay, I can do better (boy I’m having fun!)

First, when I said I love music, I meant it. Be it techno, rap, anything. If it’s got style I like it. This track does … but it doesn’t. It’s basically a techno version of a cue from her song “souls & secrets” which is an awesome freestyle song by the way but, it doesn’t work here. It just doesn’t. The tempo is wonky at best and the delay synthesizer, quite frankly, just darts all over the place trying to keep up with the generic techno trashcan drum beat in the back ground. Does it sound too harsh? Well, don’t worry because word has it, Abiageal O’Meara doesn’t even like the song! I’m fricken serious! Marc does though (dude, you have a bad taste in techno, bro!) and because he likes it, I heard it’s the only reason it’s on the album.

Apparently there was another one that Marc didn’t like, and requested something like the Quake 64 title music by Aubrey Hodges. But in all honesty, the Aubrey Hodges song would’ve actually worked much much better.

I’d give the Dimensions Overture a 1 out of 10. I’m not giving it a zero, and I like the cue, I just think a different choice of synthesizer for said cue and the exclusion of those horrible sounding tech drums would’ve made it quite the wicked opener. What I mean by that is, it’s a great idea, it just wasn’t executed well at all.
Abiageal O’Meara today released the original Dimensions Overture on her soundcloud account and honestly, I’ll never know WHY the hell Marc didn’t just use it. Maybe it was too pretty for a doom title screen but hell, is an upbeat techno track really any better? The readers can judge for themselves.


Album version

Alternate version

Name – The Dimensional Traveler
Length – 1:03
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Electronic/techno

There isn’t much to say about this track that hasn’t already been said about the first one. The cue I liked is gone, the drums aren’t so bad, there’s a bass line that kinda works, a sound effect from DOOM. The only thing that really caught my eye … err.. ear was the Roman Catholic choir chant. But even that is put to better use in later tracks.
Perhaps this track does work to move a player from the intermission to the next level… it would work for me. I’d be hitting the space bar before you could cry blood!


Name – Into The Shadows
Length – 4:15
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance

Did I mention this is listed as an ambiance album? Well, it is, I’d say 9 of the 12 tracks are ambient tracks. Another reason I think the first two are just not right.

Into The Shadows, though simple, is quite simply very haunting. I don’t know the exact words to explain it. I really like this track. I actually got the damned thing stuck in my head a few nights ago before hitting the sack.

I’ll do my best to break it down. It starts out with a very low pitch Serra style “gong” and a very unnerving whistle followed by an almost angel-like but ghostly and smooth synthesizer track. A little ways after that, a pitch-bent drum sounds off slowly, almost like someone banging on one of those big oak castle doors. It doesn’t change too much from that point till about halfway through when the Roman Catholic choir I mentioned earlier returns and boy, does it work. It blends perfectly with whatever kind of synthesizer that is.
In short, something about the track does what I think was intended. It makes the listener feel hopeless and sullen in a way that is hard to describe.
Is the track perfect? Of course not! The pros outweigh the cons for sure. If one thing could’ve been better, it perhaps would have benefitted from a few different notes here and there. The cue from the DOOM song “Suspense” was neat to hear, though. All you doomers know which one I’m talking about. It goes dun duun duuun duu nuu nuuun. Yeah, that’s it.

Name – Metallic Hauntings
Length – 4:56
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara, Christopher Gibbon (Vocal Track)
Genre – Ambiance

As the title suggests, it’s metallic. Whether it’s haunting or not is completely up to you. I’ll just come out and say it, this song didn’t effect me the same way at all as the track before it but it wasn’t for lack of trying on Ms. O’Meara’s part.

Basically, the pitch bent gongs are gone and replaced with a forward/reverse style one, a strange laser-like track that is kind of creepy to be honest. It than breaks into a reversed guitar track and tambourine/symbol sample, which works very well. The reversed DOOM door open sound effect truly does sound like some kind of shriek from a monster deep in a dark UAC complex.

But, the problem for me with the track is, the drums. The drums are also reversed and I still don’t know the reason for it. Maybe it does sound like something scratching on something. But it’s distracting to me. The track would have been pretty damn good if the drums weren’t reversed.

The vocals are actually pretty heavy with humor if you can make them out over the synthesizers. Playing it slightly faster helps.

I believe the line is.

“We hate pie. Danny won, hey! Aubrey Hodges may sue us.”

For those of you who don’t get the reference, Aubrey Hodges recorded himself singing “Danny won, HEY!” and slowed it down quite a lot to make the track Diemos Anomoly for the DOOM playstation soundtrack.

If you play it in reverse, not only do the drums sound better but the strange vocal track becomes clear. It is simply someone blowing into a microphone. It does sound creepy, though.


Name – A Cold Dark Place
Length – 4:02
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance

Just like the title hints at, it borrows heavily from the title track of her Souls & Secrets album “A Lost Place”. In strings form, it works well, especially with the deeper synth track layering the background. It starts with this and has I believe the “Ogre idle” sound from Quake slightly pitched here and there. Another is the “Ogre drag” of the chainsaw and that’s pretty much it till the last thirty seconds or so than a distorted guitar riff of some sort shreds in followed by a tambourine loop. It has a strange mood to it. To end the track, it some kind of drum and it reminds me of another track from a game in the late nineties but I can’t recall the name right now.
Overall, it’s more orchestral than Into The Shadows or Metallic Hauntings and less of an ambient track. It doesn’t fail in mood though. I still feel that with some different cues, it could’ve been a little better.


Name – Ambiance Of The Unresters
Length – 4:26
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance

This track could very well be the creepiest track on the album, which, for a DOOM soundtrack, it should be considering it IS ambiance, right?

It has the same whistle sound as Into The Shadows; the same reversed electronic ‘gong’ sound as track 4 and a similar synthesizer as track 4 and 3 playing a slightly chilling cue here and there. The zombie sound from Quake is here as well, heavily pitched down, though. A Tambourine note delays throughout the whole and the bongo style drum beat works well. There actually really isn’t too much to complain about with this track. It’s just plain creepy. I’ll just give it an eight.


Name – Symphony Of Darkness
Length – 4:07
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance??

Not sure how to classify this track. I’d guess it is ambiance but in a very different manner. It’s almost like a song that you’d hear on an album of slow paced chilling music though. Don’t get me wrong; it’s one of my favourite tracks. It feels as though Ms. O’Meara told Marc to go screw himself and started going her own way here. I got to say, in some weird way, it works. Does it work for a game level? Not really sure. It might be to ‘in your face’ but it shares a remarkable resemblance to something Aubrey Hodges would write near the beginning. It’s a haunting track.
Near the end it breaks into a drumbeat accompanied by strings and a vocal male assemble. There is also a tambourine sample to go with it that sounds like something from an Éric Serra album.
I think my main complaint with it is the beginning/middle lasts too long and the outro doesn’t last long enough, if that makes sense. It’s a great song by itself but with the ambiance first half and the orchestra ending, it feels a bit ‘different’ for a track that’s going to be looped while in a level. If there were a Dimensions movie, it’d be at the top of the list I think.


Name – Vesperas
Length – 4:24
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abieageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance

I’ll start by saying this track has a good cue, a good theme but in the end, that’s about all it has. A stringed bass opens it, and it remains there after the Indian style flute is over. Following the flute is the same synth as ‘Into The Shadows’, which sounds just as haunting as last time, but it plays basically one cue over and over. It isn’t a bad cue. The first time I heard it was on Abiageal’s album “The Stage” where she played pretty much every track freestyle. I believe it was a closer called “A Celtic Lass With Dulcimer & Hammer”.

So yes, I like the cue, but by itself for almost 4 minutes with the only thing new joining it later on is a less than stellar bell synth, it doesn’t hold up well at all. I’d go as far as to say it’s a filler track. But hey, that shouldn’t be an excuse! Paranoid was a filler track!
To its credit, the cue works much better in my all time favourite track from the album. But again, it isn’t like this song is where the cue came from in the first place.


Name – David & Goliath
Length – 5:57
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composer – Abiageal O’Meara (Based on arrangements by Éric Serra)
Genre – It’s fucking music!

First, and let me say this. This is NOT an ambient track. It just isn’t. Period.

It’s a effective suspense heavy orchestra track. It isn’t without it’s flaws and has credit given to Éric Serra, because, well, if you haven’t seen Leon, you probably wont hear the similarities but, they are there and they are done quite well. It’s original enough that it stands out as a tribute to the man whom has inspired Ms. O’Meara.
I think going with a battle in the game it would fit well. However, a month isn’t enough time to put a track like this together and it really does show. It’s honestly a shame too. Basically, for the drum track and the tambourine and everything else accept the leading strings Ms. O’Meara dusted off her metronome and said “I need you”. Sadly, the timing can’t be said for the lead tracks. The strings, harpsichord, and vocal synthesizers. When it misses, you can tell. And the lead tracks aren’t there for long enough or intercut enough to change the fact that the whole song is actually just a six minute long very good and on-time loop of greatly selected instruments.
This track really could have been, and could be a great track. It just needs more going on, a metro for all tracks and you’d have one dramatic track. You wont find it this time around, though.


Name – Secrets Of A Dismal World
Length – 6:10
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composers – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Ambiance

This track is ambiance in a way. It’s a mix between symphony of darkness and a cold dark place it seems.

To me, it’s the best track on the album. Sure there’s no evidence of a metronome at all but everything meshes so well it almost makes you think that if it were on time perfectly, it might not sound as good. It borrows that cue I talked about earlier from Vesperas and does it justice. It has a voice synthesizer. All kinds of notes going, and the guitar track from a cold dark place. Replacing the strange drums are the electronic gongs echoing in the background followed shortly by the same tambourine sample.

I actually have to give this track a 10/10. Sorry guys, I know that’s lazy but it is a track that could grab your soul, twist it and rip it out. Experiences may vary but, to me, it’s beautifully haunting and I think even it’s flaws make it shine. I’d go as far as to say that this may be the only track that Ms. O’Meara wasn’t afraid to let all of her soul into.


Name – Tales From The Underworld
Length – 2:01
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composer – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Electronic/Ambiance

Ah the story screen from doom. This track is really the only one where those “reverbed” synths from the first two tracks actually work. It starts off like a mix of symphony of darkness and track 10 and then changes to something slower and mellower.
It’s really short, but, over all, the cues used in it are used already in the tracks before it so it doesn’t really have anything to stand out with. In fact, I think “Secrets of a Dismal World” would have worked just as well for the story screen. But what do I know? When I play doom, I skip those darn things anyway!


Name – The Dimensional Ending
Length – 1:33
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Composer – Abiageal O’Meara
Genre – Electronic

I actually have a soft spot for this track. It wasn’t written for Dimensions though and according to Ms. O’Meara, it’s the only track on the album that isn’t written in D. Instead, it’s C.

It’s on the short side, one problem originally. Now it’s even shorter because the intro was taken out. It originally was written some time ago for the Projekt Xero soundtrack as … you guessed it, a battle theme. Unlike David and Goliath though, it’s very tight. It works as the ending theme (when showing the monsters of doom 2) but like I said.. it’s short and because it is written in C, it feels weird as a closing album song. Not to mention it just ends. It was obviously meant to loop, I get that, but it would’ve been great if the timing, tempo and everything could have sped up and joined more tracks near the end to actually well, end it.


Not sure how these rating systems work. Basically my over all opinion of the album is this.

It has some good tracks, some of it’s very moving and creepy but, I think if it had been given a longer attention span than a month, it could’ve been much more. The metronome appears exclusively in one track, the closing one. So most stuff feels very random. I suppose it depends on what you like, maybe it sets a mood for you, hell, maybe it even sounds better than the robotic on time stuff. It doesn’t to me, with the major exception of track 10, 3, and 5. Track 6, you can tell, and track 7 doesn’t really sound like it needed timing to me.
Marc himself told me he didn’t want Ms. O’Meara to make it robotic, he wanted it random, and the album certainly makes him happy. But what about everyone else? Certainly he wont be the only one listening to it when it’s on his levels.

I know for a fact Ms. O’Meara can do tight tracks. The original Overture and what I heard of the Projekt Xero soundtrack seemed pretty damn good. One can’t help but wonder what the album would have been had the original “Dimensions Overture” not been replaced. Sometimes when I’m completely honest, I wonder how the mishaps the album has happened at all!

I have some advice for you, Marc, old friend. Next time you pay someone (or let them do a soundtrack for free), don’t tell him or her you want it random. Don’t specify and say no robotics. What that means to someone who plays a synthesizer is basically that you want him or her to roll their face on the keys and send you whatever happened to get pressed.

Thankfully, Ms. O’Meara did the best with the month she was given and followed the rules she was given. However, the experiment one might call it just didn’t turn out.
Hopefully next time around, Ms. O’Meara wont be gullible enough to let someone who hired her to write music tell her how to right her music.

I’d give the album a 4 out of 10 I suppose.

Tracks 3, 7, and 10 stand out especially for me. The rest felt like they were unfinished ideas. Not bad ideas, but premature ones.


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