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Headaches While Playing Doom

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Really great tips and info, Wesley. Very appreciated - I have always been so curious about the 30 FPS phenomenon, thank you for clearing it up.

I'd would really enjoy it if 30 FPS was a standardised option for all games, though I know that would never happen.

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Buy a PS3 :P

Though actually, there's some programs that allow you to limit frames on most games, some PC savvy person here will probably know. Otherwise a lot of games have FPS cap options, but you have to mess with text files etc.

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If I squint too much while playing I usually get a headache.

Not very likely to happen to me though (although I try to avoid putting my face too close to the screen nowadays).

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Trying to make a game 30 FPS may work, but again you could train yourself (gradually) to the 60-100 FPS games. What you need are interim aids until you defeat the unwanted reactions.

I still duck (instead of yanking the mouse) when a fireball comes at me from close range.

Interim suggestions:
1. Tap the feet. Gives the muscles someplace to dissipate pent up stress. If there is someone in the room below, this will drive them nuts.
2. Big status bar. Look at the status bar frequently. It does not move.
3. Hit PAUSE. Get up and walk around the room 10 times every 20 minutes.
Gives the accumulated stress somewhere to go and lets the head stabilization return to normal.
4. Hit PAUSE. Shrug your shoulders, arms over head until it crunches, arms straight out sideways and push, clasp hands and push towards the screen, push your chest towards your knees. Now relax.
5. Mentally check the stress over your eyes and at the temples. Rub over the eyebrows and at the temple. If either one hurts, take a break.

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