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Possible Inspiration for the Imp?

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Maes said:

Less "hot" of a counterpoint than what I'd expect from a "seasoned old fart" like you, Clonehunter, tsk tsk. Using staunchily non-canon (and problematic) sources as a means to "pwn" someone else's shaky arguments? C'mon, you can do better than that.

I was "only" trying to shakily "fight" x with x on the "terms" of canon"ocity". It's like how Star Wars includes everything "that" exists as Canon, whereas Jurassic Park nearly "considers" each film as a separate con"tin"uity. "All" we needed were examples of "Imps" salivating, yes"?"

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Imps definitely resemble the monster from Xtro. I think to suggest otherwise is an example of the Doom purism that's been running rampant around here. lol the munsters in teh DOOM are TEH DEMONZ NOT alleins! lol omfg. Doom 3 suxors heheheh. dOOM 4 has to be exactleey like original DOOM!!!!OMFG.

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