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Doom with different FOV settings

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Does anyone play Doom with a FOV different from 90? I noticed recently that both GLBoom+ and GZDoom support different FOV settings, and have been playing around with them. I'm sure other GL ports support changing the FOV too. I'm too used to 90 to be able to change it for playing, I think, but it's fun to watch demos at 70 or screw around at 130. Until I feel sick anyhow :p

Interestingly different FOV settings really change the perception of speed. Even at 80 if feels like you run much slower. I know many console FPSs have a FOV of 70-80.

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When possible I change my FOV from 90 to 110.
However, this is because my monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and iirc, (G)Zdoom has automatic FOV correction, so it's unnecessary for me.

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I prefer to leave it at 90. It just feels more "natural".

I only changed FOV in the Quake series for multiplayer purposes, where it's very important to maximize visibility, even at the cost of "unnatural" gameplay.

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Yeah there's definitely an advantage to seeing more, it just feels so disorienting to me though. I could probably adjust to 100 at least, not much of a change and a bit more periphery. But it's not like I play MP anyhow, and that's where it really matters.

Has anyone seen Fisheye Quake, or Blinky? Wonder how hard it would be to do something similar for Doom...

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