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Professor Sir

What's your Doom play style?

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You do whatever comes to mind regardless of whether or not it makes sense. You may or may not actually be firing at a real monster at any given moment. May or may not play with a gameplay mod; may or may not cheat. May not realize whether you are currently cheating or not. Large portions of the game are spent practicing combat skills by misfiring rockets into nearby pillars. Basic single-player gameplay style is best summed up as "What?" You do everything and/or nothing (often at the same time). You are the demons.

In co-op, the primary strategy is to punch barrels and chainsaw cyberdemons; lacking these, point-blank rocket punches are the way to go. Most of deathmatch time is spent alternating between fighting at completely arbitrary levels of skill and spending half the match running into walls idly in an effort to confuse the other players. Also dying a lot.

I'm gonna go eat my face now.

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You fire up Doom begrudgingly, almost mechanically, because you HAVE to play it at least once in a while or try that new map/megawad everybody's talking about.

Once in the game, you try to get by with the least effort possible, and if some map proves to hard to beat straight or you get your ass handed to you unexpectedly early, you just quit without any hint of rage or sense of defeat, but just an immense sense of boredom.

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While my style is a blend of all of the above, but during my gameboy Doom 2 phase (after my initial introduction to Doom from playing the newgrounds compilation that had the shareware of doom and heretic and something else I can't remember) I was comepletely obsessed with monster infighting. I'd enter the ridiculous A and B only cheat codes to turn on god mode so I could just watch them fight. Now, on PC with Zdoom and it's cousins, I forget about infighting pretty often and wonder why I'm empty on ammo.

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