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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #254 - Mano Laikas: A road to Gamzatti (Part II)

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Yes, that's correct. After nearly 3 months long break we are about to finish this mapset by multiple Cacoward winner Nicolas Monti. It doesn't get much more old school than this without taking a time machine back to the early '90s so we hope you're ready for this almost nostalgic experience. See you there!

DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080
PWADs: manolaik-20160225
Maps: 17-30
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes

Date: 23rd June 2016

Euro session: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT at Ducks, Czech Republic (usually lasts 6-8 hours, sometimes much longer)

Get ZDaemon and join in.

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If you're looking for someone to blame for this


2016-06-23 08:34:59 <Evo> can just get mano laikas over with then we never have to play it again

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Session statistics for this week:

First blood:
fred512 | should have stood back 17 seconds after joining

First blood in the 2nd rota (-fast and 2x damage):
MrPicklesBomb | should have stood back 21 seconds after joining
(First map of the maplist (MAP17) where MrPicklesBomb died was played without the pain settings. Last few tries on MAP25 were also played without them.)

Peak server population:

Overall number of players that connected during the session:

Player death counts by obituaries (1st rota/2nd rota):

    0 died. (0/0)
    20 mutated. (12/8‌)
    0 were squished. (0/0)
    7 went boom. (1/6)
    43 should have stood back. (22/21)
    2 were killed by a zombieman. (0/2)
    21 were shot by a sergeant. (2/19)
    22 were perforated by a chaingunner. (5/17)
    1 was slashed by an imp. (0/1)
    16 were burned by an imp. (1/15)
    7 were bit by a demon. (0/7)
    7 were eaten by a spectre. (2/5)
    5 were spooked by a lost soul. (1/4)
    1 got too close to a cacodemon. (1/0)
    27 were smitten by a cacodemon. (2/25)
    7 were punched by a revenant. (3/4)
    52 couldn't evade a revenant's fireball. (24/28‌)
    29 were squashed by a mancubus. (7/22)
    41 let an arachnotron get them. (8/33)
    3 were gutted by a Hell Knight. (1/2)
    18 were splayed by a Hell Knight. (3/15)
    1 was ripped open by a Baron of Hell. (1/0)
    8 were bruised by a Baron of Hell. (2/6)
    59 were incinerated by an archvile. (22/37)
    6 stood in awe of the spider demon. (2/4)
    40 were splattered by a cyberdemon. (24/16)
    443 deaths overall. (146/297)
Session lasted for 7 hours and 20 minutes and ended in the 2nd rota with the last map played being MAP25. Last finished map was MAP24.

top 10 players with most deaths (deaths/joins, death ratio):

fred512                     34/41, 82.93%
assm0/Fistrunner/Redemptor  32/35, 91.43%  This time being a good boy and not trying to cheat :)
DaIcemann76                 21/23, 91.30%
aprosekin                   20/38, 52.63%
maidofsquirrels             16/19, 84.21%
CasperGhosT1991             14/16, 87.50%
memfis                      14/17, 82.35%
MakeMyDayyy                 12/13, 92.31%
Keyboard_Doomer             12/15, 80.00%
chn177                      11/12, 91.67%

wannabe Bloodite's substitutes for the session:
aprosekin                   20/38, 52.63%
zeaz                         9/18, 50.00%
Ziutek                       8/20, 40.00%

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