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E3 in the Key of FIST!

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This is (sort of) an entire run for episode 3 of (Ultimate) Doom. The reason I say "almost" is because I allow the spider mastermind to kill me at the end. Now, why would I record and post a demo like that? Well the entire run was done using only the fist and berserk fist. I doubt it's possible to fist the spider demon and survive. And even if it is, it would take longer than I care to endure. So as it stands, I punched my way from E3M1 to E3M7, with a kamikaze at M8, in 6:56 (according to my calculations. Please correct me if I made a mistake). Recorded with Zdoom 2.0.56

-This was about my 20th attempt at this run, and I was pretty worn out. So my mouse movements are noticeably jerky in some places, and I sometimes stupidly run into things. Because of this my times arent as good as they could have been, but it's the only attempt where I achieved my goal.

-In M7 I miss the blue key jump twice. About 5 seconds lost right there. Like I said, I was tired =P


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Wow, sounds good.

E3M8 is possible pacifist-style, but a lot of luck is needed with the infighting.

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