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The Ultimate NMD - Demos

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The Ultimate Need More Detail demos thread.

Direct link for max-demopaсk by scepticist (see post below):
(I changed original filenames, following to patterns 'NeDm-xxx' for singles and 'xxxxNMDe' for movies)


I had some fun tonight beating e2m3 for first attempt on uv-fast:

This map and e1m3, e1m5, e1m6 are my favorites at this moment.

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I'll just move these, providing a link to the original WAD thread. That way people can easily attach additional demos if they want.

Nice to see stuff recorded on this fine WAD!

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This wad is AWESOME, just the way I like the game. And you wanna know the best part? It's playable on NIGHTMARE!!! Oh yeah, that's it, I'm gonna play my ass off this one.

Let's begin with the first map shall we.


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Guiddqd said:

Let's begin with the first map shall we.

e1m6, e2m3, e3m6 or something similiar please ;)

And for NM demos will better use (as I think) NeDmNxxx pattern, keeping constant part. Same for other styles.

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More improvements over initial runs. 8 uv-maxes + proper e2 max-movie which is 5 minutes faster than previous. Too bad there`s no E4 to blast through :-).

Good demo, Guiddqd. I hope to see nightmare movies on this wad from you, your demos are always exciting to watch :-).


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Thanks for the kind words skepticist, a NM movie would cool for sure, but it seems to be a really hard task. I enjoyed your uv-maxes demo as well, really smooth :-).

Allright so, I have to say E1M2 is a mess in nightmare. Way too much space between monsters (way too much monsters?) which makes a UV-like run impossible. At least I think so.

Here is my first exit.


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