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Scythe X demos (complevel 2)

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Another Max :)
Map 06 UV-Max in 0:48
Don't really enjoy the map because of how RNG based it all is. My idea was to keep as many shotgunners/chaingunners alive in the beginning to infight as much as possible then go in and defeat them all later.


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TendaMonsta said:

Hmmmm. Might have to take a stab at this pWAD with -fast. Almost forgot about Scythe X

Good job MedicalDoctor922!


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Map 05 UV-Max in 1:04 and UV -fast in 1:00

Some runs I ended up getting suckered into because I came back to Scythe X to study how to use the CC4 tekgreen textures. :P

Also, I noticed that this has been historically run as a cl 2 wad despite the fact that Boom cosmetic effects are used (e.g. lighting transfers).


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