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Heroes' Tales Demos [-complevel 4]

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MAP03 "Aquapark" by Wraith:
- UV Max in 6:36

Thanks to Plut for reviving this thread (two years, whew) and extra thanks to Revved for doing maps no one else seems eager to touch. The MAP27 run in particular is amazing for its under-10min time; such a mess of a wide-open slaughtermap, too.

This still leaves five holes in the UV Max table: maps 11, 14, 19, 23 and 25. Of this MAP11 will probably be the hardest, not harder than MAP27, though.


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Un, NA, I think you forgot to take the secret levels into account.
With this next demo, that would make 6 holes left in the table.
Map 33 UV Max in 6:53


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OK, five years is long enough - time to wrap it up:

MAP11 "The Source" by Shadowman - UV Max in 17:51
MAP23 "Deuce Take It!" by 3EPHOEd - UV Max in 12:24
MAP25 "Hell's Atrium" by Shadowman - UV Max in 7:11
MAP31 "Secret of the Pharaoh" by Shadowman - UV Max in 10:53

I leave MAP19 to Revved. :D

edit: removed the MAP31 run from the ZIP, please see the new one in the next post instead.


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Wasn't happy with the ht311053 run, too sloppy, so had to sit down to it again. This one should be a bit cleaner and is faster, too.

MAP31 "Secret of the Pharaoh" by Shadowman - UV Max in 9:47

Andy, please ignore the ht311053 demo, this is the one for DSDA. The general comments on the level have been copied from the old TXT to the new one, so there's nothing lost.


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