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First attempt demos [never played the map before]

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Real late but I thought I'd upload my Reverie FDAs. I can't remember when I started them but I just quit map32. Had thoughts but it boils down to I appreciate where valkiriforce was going but many maps didn't really appeal to me.

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Similarly, here's a pack of Eternally Yours FDAs I did for all 11 maps.

Most of these were done with zero deaths, fortunately. Map 11, I got pissed because I kept dying too much and decided to quit once I died at the final boss.

I think I did pretty good for my first FDA pack.


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FDA of combat shock map04
well, not reaaaaally fda, i knew the the map from the start to the invul, but i think it's ok, the rest was all new for me. 1 hour long, no idea where the secret is. :( i have to work a lot on this map to find a way to do every fight the fastest possible
edit: derp, found the secret, those 300 cells are usefull :D


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dew said:

well, okay. i won't break your cross-link by moving the post, but do use this thread next time, please!

Split and merged, since the cross-link is in terms of the postid, and this isn't changed by moving it to a different thread.

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