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The Green Herring

The /idgames/levels/doom Exploration Demo Thread (New: random selection 2 by 4shock)

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Never_Again said:

SUDTiC - a NM Speed demopak

Just saw this, very nice work again. And yes it does look like a movie run is possible, though it'd be a pretty unforgiving task.

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My next stop in this campaign is even further in the realm of crap, as it seems to be a DEU practice level that was accidentally released. At least I hope that's what it is. At least it was easy to speedrun (too easy, in fact)!

DMDV-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on DMDV.WAD, by an unknown author

  • DMDV-114.LMP - UV max in 1:14 (YT)
  • DMDV-046.LMP - UV speed in 0:46 (YT)
Note that funduke suggests in his upload text that the author of DAVES2ND.WAD made this level, but comparing the contents of both levels and the timestamps (DMDV.WAD is from June 1994, and the copy of DAVES2ND.WAD in ace_dwf.zip is dated in July), I find that notion too difficult to believe.

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Demos for three WADs from the dawn of WAD-making and the first-ever SUDTiC movie run.

  • GEOFF.WAD by Geoff Alan, the author of DoomEd:
    - UV Max in 4:55
    - NM Speed in 0:25
    - NM100S in 0:40
    One of the three example WADs from the March 22 1994 release of Doom Editor - The Real Thing, a violent modification of the original E1M1.
  • SWELL.WAD by Dave Nixon:
    - UV Max (sort of, there is no exit) in 1:44
    An expanded version of ORIGWAD's cousin, CROSS.WAD (done entirely by hand). Same source as GEOFF. Arguably the world's first slaughtermap.
  • OCTAGON.WAD by Brian McKimens:
    - UV Max in 5:12
    - NM Speed in 2:11
  • SUDTIC.WAD by The Innocent Crew:
    - UV Speed movie in 13:54

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My next demo for this thread is now online, and thankfully, the WAD it's for is much better than the last two. It's a Shores of Hell-styled level that's average by modern standards, but after two crapfests in a row, anything looks better in comparison. Check it out!

EXOD-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on EXODUS.WAD by Robert L. Goodwin

  • EXOD-344.LMP - UV max in 3:44 (YT)
  • EXOD-038.LMP - UV speed in 0:38 (YT)

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One early WAD previously demoed by Maikl, one forgotten classic stripped down for the /idgames entry, and one more SUDTiC movie.

  • BEHOLDER.WAD by Alex Cannon - UV Max in 3:59
    Now with 100% kills - the demo requires the v1.2 engine or prBoom-plus v2.5.0.8 (or later) with -complevel 0
    One thing I forgot to mention in the TXT is that this map presents another case of a disappearing secret: you have to run onto the lowering platform around the red key before it levels with the floor of the room, otherwise you'll only have 50% secrets.
  • FORGE.WAD by John C. Lyons:
    - UV Max in 9:21
    - NM Speed in 0:39
    Unlike the later version found on /idgames (FORGEX.WAD) the original features some neat custom graphics (and not-so-neat SFX ;). Both versions are liable to crash vanilla and Chocolate Doom for the same reason as APOCALYP.WAD, demoed earlier in this thread. The demos play back with either version, but I recommend the original.
  • SUDTIC.WAD by The Innocent Crew - UV Max movie in 49:04:
      map                        | kills | secrets | time 
      E2M1 "Flying Guts"         |  100  |   100   | 3:02 
      E2M2 "Mysterious Halls"    |  100  |    83*  | 4:47 
      E2M3 "The Blazed"          |  100  |   100   | 7:36
      E2M4 "Death Pain"          |  100  |   100   | 4:46
      E2M5 "Mutilated Corpses"   |  100  |   100   | 7:00
      E2M9 "Arena of Punishment" |   98* |   100   | 6:46
      E2M6 "Damned Bastards"     |  100  |   100   | 5:29
      E2M7 "Dehumanization"      |  100  |   100   | 7:43
      E2M5 "Baphomet's Throne"   |  100  |   100   | 1:55


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My next target in this campaign is by yet another anonymous author who probably doesn't want his name published, because this is horrendous (though not as much as DMDV.WAD). Among the usual problems, there's an exit that requires you to find a completely unmarked door; and thanks to a misapplied sector effect, the level evaporates after five minutes! Thankfully, both of my demos beat the level too quickly for that to happen.

EXPO-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on DMEXPO.WAD, by an unknown author

  • EXPO-226.LMP - UV max in 2:26 (YT)
  • EXPO-015.LMP - UV speed in 0:15 (YT)
  • DMEXPOfx.wad - Patch that changes GRAYVINE into a single-patch texture, to prevent the Medusa effect in the final room

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Today, we'll travel forward in time... to 2010! Okay, so it's a knock-off of Hell Revealed II's "The Siege II" that took only 25 minutes to make, but still! The max demo is likely my tightest demo yet, as I destroy everything fast enough to exit the level in exactly the same minutes and seconds as in UV speed!

4OBD-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz (40ozbdy.wad) by Philnemba

  • 4OBD-136.LMP - UV max in 1:36 [Philnemba: 2:09] (YT)
  • 4OBDe136.LMP - UV speed in 1:36 [Philnemba: 1:37] (YT)

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Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz Pacifist in 1:35. Uses a little boost on the exit platform to save some extra time.

Edit: Reuploading with Pacifist demo name syntax to differentiate from max (sorry to the people who downloaded).


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Traveling back in time to 1994 as usual, we follow up DMEXPO.WAD with a much better piece of work that stands out among its peers. It sticks to one theme from beginning to end, just for starters, but the gameplay is decent too, even if it's a little too easy. Sadly, there's a glitch where a random linedef in the middle of a hallway happens to be an exit switch, but not to worry: I did my usual thing in cases like this and recorded speed demos which don't use the glitch. And to be honest, I think they're much more impressive. Check out the demo pack at your earliest convenience.

DMFR-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on Fear.wad (in dmfear.zip) by Patrick Hipps

  • DMFR-537.LMP - UV max in 5:37 [Ryback: 6:38] (YT)
  • DMFR-029.LMP - UV speed in 0:29
  • DMFRn029.LMP - NM speed in 0:29 [Ryback: 0:54] (YT)
  • DMFRa150.LMP - "alternate route" UV speed (no glitch exit) in 1:50
  • DMFRa300.LMP - "alternate route" NM speed (no glitch exit) in 3:00 (YT)

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Next up is a WAD with brand-new textures as a "selling point," by someone who knew how to add new textures but not how to use them. It goes to show that the mere existence of new features doesn't make a WAD good, a lesson that people making source port WADs should take to heart.

FENR-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on Fenris1 (FENRIS.WAD in dmfen.zip) by Sean Briggs

  • FENR-226.LMP - UV max in 2:26 (YT)
  • FENR-058.LMP - UV speed in 0:58 [Grazza: 0:59] (YT)
  • NOTE: Both demos require fenris_gb.wad, a version modified to have a proper REJECT table, which is downloadable along with the original wad on its Doomed Speed Demos Archive page.

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Next in the quest is a silly novelty level that puts you in the tiniest American football field ever. Notably, other people did demos on this WAD, but not one appears to have noticed that there's an easily-found secret area in the WAD, making all prior UV max and -fast demos invalid. Oops! The max one took two hours and 23 minutes to make and should be worth anyone's time to watch.

FTBL-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on Football.WAD (in dmfoot.zip) by Andrew Fritz

  • FTBL-038.LMP - UV max in 0:38 [Relic: 0:48] (YT)
  • FTBLe002.LMP - UV speed in 0:02.66 [Relic: 0:02.74]
  • FTBLn002.LMP - NM speed in 0:02.63 [Relic: 0:02.89]
  • FTBLf024.LMP - UV -fast in 0:24 [Relic: 0:31] (YT)
  • FTBLeo02.LMP - UV -nomonsters in 0:02.49 [Relic: 0:02.54]

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Now we're on a level that I demoed on way back in 2007 when I did UV speed runs on WADPAK1A.WAD, where it was E1M8. It's a level that's decent for its time but doesn't hold up today, most notably because of the maze about halfway through. I had to use a printed map to plan for that section of the level, and for good reason! With the preparation I did, I managed to break both of the old records. Notably, I streamed the making of the UV max demo for a few friends, which was an interesting experiment I'm not sure I'll ever repeat again.

FORT-TGH.ZIP - UV demos on FORTRESS.WAD (in dmfort.zip) by Curtis M. Turner II

  • FORT-552.LMP - UV max in 5:52 [Ryback (WADPAK1A E1M8): 9:34] (YT)
  • FORT-138.LMP - UV speed in 1:38 [TGH (WADPAK1A E1M8): 1:44] (YT)
  • FORT-MAP.PNG - Scanned image of the map used for route planning with the maze

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I live in a cave, I had no idea this project was going on... really a neat idea! Who knows what lost gems remain to be unearthed.

Is there any master index for who did what demos and where they can be viewed?

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Whoa! Is that the Rez, of r.g.c.d.* fame?? ... or some llama who doesn't know that WADs need the full path with -file when residing in a different dir from the exec? :P

Well, like TGH said, there is no master list (although a few years ago he had a working draft). OTOH, getting the demos for this quest from DSDA is kind of complicated.

Of the four major participants three have numerous D2 demos "polluting" ;) their player profiles, and even Maikl got a few (a bunch for ophase3 and one other I cannot recall ATM). Furthermore, a lot of the original demo ZIPs are split on DSDA; the worst example is Maikl's ace_dwf demos: they are spread over 20+ individual WAD pages (whereas he subbed them to the old DSDA as one ZIP).

No worries, you can get it all in four nice little chunks here.
In case that doesn't work for some reason, here are the individual contributions:

I hope I didn't miss anything, although note that N_A.zip doesn't include all of my D1 demos - a lot of speedruns (incl. NM runs) have been left out; so have a few miscellaneous GM/max releases in favor of the more complete Max movie runs (e.g. Serenity).

Note that almost all of these demos will play automatically with prB+ using the demo pattern list (in your prboom-plus.cfg or glboom-plus.cfg) or the info from the demo footer (my own demos only, from 2008 and later). The list that comes with prB+ downloads hasn't been updated for more than five years though, so here is the latest copy from my own glboom-plus.cfg. That covers everything up to TGH's EXPO-TGH.ZIP (Apr 25).

You'll need to associate LMPs with prB+ and its "-auto" switch. This can be done via prB+'s launcher or manually in Windows Explorer:
Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types -> LMP -> Advanced -> Open -> <prBoom+ path>\glboom-plus.exe "%1" -setmem dosbox -auto
(the "-setmem dosbox" is for the few demos on certain maps with MISSEDBACKSIDE overflow that would desync with the default memory layout, the only currently publicly available example is Ryback's FEZ1 run, AFAIK).

Once you did that, most of the demos will play back using the correct WADs by simply double-clicking the demo file in Explorer. There are a few exceptions in the cases where are different WADs sharing the same filename - search the pattern list for "rename" to see which WADs you need to rename to avoid filename conflicts. In a few cases, like with my REDROOM* demo series, you'll need to read the TXT files from the demo ZIPs.

Oh yeah, you'll need to download all the WADs and unzip them somewhere prB+ can see them (a single dir pointed to with %DOOMWADDIR% can do the trick). If the WAD required for the demo playback is not found prB+ can attempt to download it automatically; note that this will fail in most of the "rename" cases, however.

HTH and happy watching.

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Yep, the one, the only, the halt and the lame... whoops, wrong script. You sayin' ol' DOShead Rez don't know no paths, sonny? :D

Ooooh, stuff.... at this point my goal in life is to wind up with a consolidated archive of all things DOOM, having never forgotten the sting of lost FTPs of old...

When I get the monitor thing resolved I might have to join this spelunking effort... I still like a lot of those very old maps more than is safe or sane. I haven't done but a handful of demos myself, so they tend to be ugly. ;)

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  • PANIC!.WAD by Jason Hargreaves:
    - UV Max in 5:25
    - NM Speed in 2:08
    A better level than the reviews on /idgames would suggest.
  • PSYCH.WAD by Mark Chen:
    - UV Max in 8:44
    - NM Speed in 0:23
    A small buggy my-college WAD that is a showcase of just how much abuse the vanilla engine could take. The UV Max requires "-setmem dosbox" for playback.
  • SELFDEAD.WAD by REINER - UV Max in 1:38
    This June 1994 level is one of the earliest to feature a voodoo doll and probably the first to allow the zombie exit intentionally.


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Xenus Revisited (xenusrev.wad by Alter)- revisited:
- UV Max Movie (E1M1-E1M8) in 67:34
- E4M1 UV Max in 6:39
To play back the movie run you'll need to hex-edit a single byte in the WAD (see the demo readme for the instructions) or grab the fixed version from my site.

Note to Andy: it would be a good idea to replace the WAD in the ZIP on DSDA with the corrected version linked above and add xenusrev_fixed.txt to it. The existing demo on E1M1 would not be affected by this change, and this would help any future demos to be recorded on the good version of the WAD.

Good job on the FORTRESS.WAD Max run, Selyodka; the best demo you posted this year. Initially, I thought "what's the point, Ryback already covered that level", however your demo makes the point obvious. But for the original level being slightly different from the entry in WADPAK1A the new run makes the old one practically obsolete.

OTOH, Chris had a much better selection of WADs to plow through in his T*.WAD part 1 collection; all the more credit to you for the amount of work you put in on your side. I wonder sometimes if those shitty maps are worth all that effort, though.


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Never_Again said:

If the WAD required for the demo playback is not found prB+ can attempt to download it automatically

?! Not joking? Never seen that happening.

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Link to post @ 2008-May-09
[+] Now PrBoom-Plus can save all necessary playback information at the end of demos without loss of compatibility. With such demos you just need to type "prboom-plus demoname" or click on a demo from your browser, archives manager or explorer and prboom will make any additional work by itself without any assistance. PrBoom-Plus will check for a demo footer and if it is present, will read which IWAD, PWAD and DEH files were used for recording, will try to download necessary add-on files from the Internet and will play the demo for you.

Currently, PrBoom-Plus saves the following information (with demo_extendedformat 1):

VERSION - version of DemoEx format (1.0)
PORTNAME - port name and version (PrBoom-Plus
PARAMS - iwad, pwads, dehs and critical for demos params like -spechit
MLOOK - mouse look data

For the automatic downloading of files, one must specify the getwad_cmdline parameter in the PrBoom-Plus config file. Examples:

getwad_cmdline "D:\games\Doom2\getwad\getwad.exe"
getwad_cmdline "C:\my_cool_app -download_pwad_from_somewhere %wadname% -here c:\doom2"

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Hard disk cleaning time!

TREN-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on TRENCH.WAD by Joshua Lehrer & Fabian Tillier in 1:14 (YT)
Ugly looking large square outdoor arena with some buildings and trenches, mainly built for deathmatch but with a few monsters as well.

TRIALRYB.ZIP - UV Max on TRIAL.WAD by Unknown in 6:13 (YT)
Fun level with a decent amount of variety and creativity. Feels a little empty and unfinished though.

TRIA-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on TRIANGLE.WAD by Alex Siegel in 1:47 (YT)
Enough visual clashes for the whole of Episode 2 in a tiny triangle-shaped deathmatch level. Appropriately chaotic and violent.

TRUNKRYB.ZIP - UV Max on TRUNK.WAD by Richard Smol in 1:49 (YT)
An addictive level to speedrun maxkill style, packs a lot of paths and choices into a fairly small layout.

TTDM-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on TTADOM11.WAD by TTA in 1:57 (YT)
Some okay ideas, but nothing very amazing.

TT11-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on Todd's Terror Level 1 (TT11.WAD) by Todd Prince in 13:34 (YT)
Massive sprawling level is a good challenge, though the visuals are pretty bland. Horribly unfair end sequence.

TUDORRYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on TUDOR.WAD by Norman Scott (YT)

  • TUDOR057.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 0:57
  • TUDOR12N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 0:12
The very first published version of THE-KEEP.WAD, almost exactly the same layout but with even less opposition.

TUNN-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed & NM100S on TUNNEL.WAD by Tim Cuozzo (YT)
  • TUNN-258.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 2:58
  • TUNN114N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 1:14
  • TUNN216S.LMP - NM 100% Secrets on E1M1 in 2:16
Not professionally designed, but pretty fun to play through. Secrets reward you very well.

TU11-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on TUNNEL11.WAD by G√ľnther H. Baumann & Micha in 3:37 (YT)
Plenty of Barons and limited ammo makes this chiefly about weapon usage strategy. Very dull to look at though.

TURB-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on Turbo Lifts (TURBO.WAD) by Dark Knight (YT)
  • TURB-146.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 1:46
  • TURB059N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 0:59
Short, basic level you'll have forgotten about in five minutes. It has a Mastermind in it!

TBULLRYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on TURNBULL.WAD by Unknown (YT)
  • TBULL223.LMP - UV Max on E3M8 in 2:23
  • TBULN243.LMP - NM Speed on E3M8 in 2:43
Another PC Zone Wad design contest entrant, texturing is bland but it has semi-realistic lighting. Author forgot to finish it so I changed the map to e3m8 to help him out.

Full collection is attached to this post. Includes all the non-idgames levels.
Or, if you want to just get individual demos, they can be downloaded from here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/y3dble6jswwzf/1994


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More demos. Seems like there's not too many levels starting with U...

UACP-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on UACPEN.WAD by The Mad Hacker in 12:37 (YT)
Professionally built and impeccably designed. With just a little more detail this would fit right at home in the port era of pwad design.

ULTIMRYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on ULTIM.WAD by Emil Eisenhardt (YT)

  • ULTIM154.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 1:54
  • ULTI109N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 1:09
Deathmatch conversion, but the addition of an awkwardly placed Cyberdemon made this one a little interesting.

UMB-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on UMBRING.WAD by Woody in 15:02 (YT)
Enormous sprawling tough'un that gets away with environments I'm surprised people were even trying to achieve in mid 1994.

UNDERRYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed & NM100S on Under the City (UNDER.WAD) by Mark Matheson (YT)
  • UNDER333.LMP - UV Max on E2M1 in 3:33
  • UNDR115N.LMP - NM Speed on E2M1 in 1:15
  • UNDR159S.LMP - NM 100% Secrets on E2M1 in 1:59
Large enjoyable sewer level. Better than the mean for the genre.

UDSE-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on UNDERSEA.WAD by Brian Plumb in 4:41 (YT)
A cool level theme and some nice tight situations.

UNFU-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on My First Doom Level (UNFUN.WAD) by Adrian Roselli (YT)
  • UNFU-119.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 1:09
  • UNFN-018.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 0:18
If you've read the level title you already know what this is like.

UPDO-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on Up and Down (UPDOWN.WAD) by Jim Flynn (YT)
  • UPDO-548.LMP - UV Max on E2M4 in 5:48
  • UPDO116N.LMP - NM Speed on E2M4 in 1:16
Another early Jim Flynn level, this one has more creatively designed situations and feels more complete.

UPLF-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on UPLIFTNG.WAD by Bart Wilson (YT)
  • UPLF-357.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 3:57
  • UPLF307N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 3:07
Second ever level in the idgames archive, and quite a bit better than a lot that came after it.

URAN-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on Secure Uranus (URANUS.WAD) by John A Warren (YT)
  • URAN-337.LMP - UV Max on E1M2 in 3:37
  • URAN036N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M2 in 0:36
Some nice environments, but fairly directionless gameplay.

URBN-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on URBNBETA.WAD by DETH Productions (YT)
  • URBN-237.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 2:37
  • URBN015N.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 0:15
Promising level has a lot of ambition and originality, and changes much more of the original game than most 1994 levels.

UTOP-RYB.ZIP - UV Max on UTOPIA.WAD by Scott in 3:58 (YT)
A good level for mindlessly killing things, and some nice geography.

Full collection is attached to this post.


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I like your approach to the room with many shotgunners in UTOPIA, it makes sense. :) Nice to see a new demo for this level, I remember having a good time speedrunning it.

URBNBETA max looks pretty amusing with the numerous random secrets you have to activate. :)

Also a little piece of trivia, UNDERSEA was edited for 1994 Tune-up Project by Dragonsbrethen, it's pretty cool remake.

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Up to the letter V now. Didn't have much work here...

VENG-RYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM100S on Vengeance (VENGENCE.WAD) by John A Warren (YT)

  • VENG-538.LMP - UV Max on E2M7 in 5:38
  • VENGS333.LMP - NM 100% Secrets on E2M7 in 3:33
Big octagonal layout, kinda bare and bland.

VIPRRYB.ZIP - UV Max & NM Speed on VIPER.WAD by Ash (YT)
  • VIPR-126.LMP - UV Max on E1M1 in 1:26
  • VIPRn007.LMP - NM Speed on E1M1 in 0:07
Tiny first level.


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