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STRAIN demos [-complevel 2]

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That keygrab you mentioned is so tempting... There are even tech columns nearby that probably can be used for additional boost. But I can't do it. I think I tried it before in ZDaemon, with the same results.

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I did some testing on map20 and found out that you can do a true pacifist run. In Grazza's demo he presses a switch that kills the boss brain, which can be seen as against the rules by some. But it turns out that you can simply direct a cyberdemon rocket at the switch, and if you're lucky it will destroy the barrels. I got this idea from reading Heretic's comments, where he mentions that some of his UV-Max attempts ended prematurely due an explosion caused by his own rockets.

I'm attaching a prboom-plus savegame where you can experiment with it. Just wait for the cyberdemon to start shooting and then dodge his attack.


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I wrote a little more about this here. Probably my original method, with archie splash damage, is viable too.

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