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Miscellaneous demos (part 2) [please post in part 3 instead]

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4shockblast said:
I don't know why I recorded so many demos for this wad.

At Quake SDA they called it "total ownage" when one player held the records in all categories on a map.

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I guess it's "total ownage" now.

Pillars Tyson in 2:23
Stroller in 0:16.83
UV -fast in 2:27.

Very ugly -fast demo, pretty much a table filler, but I can't be bothered to run this level anymore.


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Rush v4

Map01 Tyson in 4:45
Map02 UV Max in 6:04
Map03 UV Max in 4:13
Map04 UV Max in 8:15
Map05 UV Max in 4:08
Map06 UV Max in 4:31
Map06 Pacifist in 0:11
Map07 UV Max in 3:41
Map08 UV Max in 3:46
Map09 UV Max in 10:03
Map10 UV Max in 6:03
Map11 UV Max in 4:37

Some of these are quite sloppy/ugly (especially 11), but I'm putting improvements away until later since I'm starting to feel the ever growing desire to smash my monitor with each subsequent attempt. I'd better play something else for a change, so I'm leaving these as they are so far.
And I actually like 09, has its issues and isn't exactly fast but at the same time it's pretty smooth.


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More miscellaneous demos to upload. The first three levels are ones I thought were pretty good, so they have the most interesting speedruns.

DO22 Map 01 UV-Max in 3:52.
DO22 Map 01 UV-Speed in 2:19.

The death in brown and gray UV-Max in 7:21.

Shadows of Darkness UV-Max in 1:12.
Shadows of Darkness UV-Speed in 0:46.

Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz Stroller in 1:37.
Happy Frickin Birthday 40oz UV -fast in 1:49.

BAST Pacifist in 0:33.
BAST NM-Speed in 0:34. (Also Pacifist)

BEAT THIS!!!! UV-Speed movie in 1:44.

White House UV-Max in 1:15.
White House Pacifist in 0:03.97
White House UV -fast in 1:08.
White House Respawn in 0:49.
White House Nomo in 0:03.94.

DELUXE UV-Max in 0:41.
DELUXE Pacifist in 0:03.94.


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Revved said:

Dimensions of Time
UV Max in 1:08:33

Good to see this, I'm a sucker for long movies, especially on older WADs. For my part, I converted DoT's old-format binary v2 DEH patch to text-format v3, so that now it's useable with prB+.

Here's the corresponding updated pattern for your prboom-plus.cfg:

demo_pattern94            "Dimensions of Time (conflict avoidance)/((dn01-209)|(dn02-202)|(dn03-138)|(dn04-137)|(dn05-227)|(dn06-245)|(dn09-007)|(dn08-218)|(dn09-059)|(dn10-006)|(dn11-204)|(dn12-143)|(dn13-224)|(dn14-215)|(dn15s106)|(dn16-150)|(dn17-108)|(dn18-110)|(dn19-105)|(dn20-151)|(dn21-223)|(dn22-016)|(dn23-346)|(dn24-137)|(dn25-059)|(dn26-417)|(dn27-229)|(dn28-042)|(dn29-151)|(dn30-055)|(dn31-100)|(dn32-016)|(dn32-038)|(dt01-047)|(dt01-141)|(dt02-049)|(dt03-059)|(dt04-112)|(dt05-033)|(dt06-104)|(dt08-027)|(dt09-007)|(dt10-004)|(dt10-011)|(dt11-058)|(dt12-037)|(dt13-122)|(dt14-136)|(dt15-109)|(dt15s113)|(dt16-223)|(dt17-038)|(dt17-156)|(dt18-034)|(dt19-034)|(dt20-045)|(dt21-037)|(dt22-010)|(dt23-133)|(dt24-018)|(dt25-056)|(dt26-200)|(dt27-130)|(dt28-025)|(dt29-128)|(dt30-109)|(dt31-029)|(dt31s033)|(dt32-015)|(dt32-054)|(30dt6833))\.lmp/doom2.wad|dot.wad|dot.deh"

BTW, any chance to get you to turn on the demo footer? The old version of prB+ you run is the first one to offer it
Options -> General -> third page -> Demos -> Use extended format = YES
though you might consider the latest stable version ( - there have been quite a few compat fixes since


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