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Congestion pascifist

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Does anybody know of any congestion style pacifist demo's?

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Do you mean pacifist demos on the "Congestion" wads? Yes, there are some.

To find demos on specific wads, go here, and look in the lists of "LMPs by WAD".

For the original Congestion 1024 wad, you will find this table, with numerous Pacifist entries. Some marked as "Speed" are possibly also Pacifist.

If you mean demos on wads that are packed with monsters and don't have much room to manoeuvre, then yes, there are plenty of those too. Players have found all sorts of ways to beat the odds. Sometimes just relying on dumb luck, but an understanding of monster behaviour is important too. For an extreme example, there is Cameron Prosser's Nightmare Pacifist demo on Hell Revealed map22. This one is tool-assisted - I can't quite imagine this being done otherwise.

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Thank you. I couldn't find them on that site before so thanks for that :)

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