Survive In Hell demos [-complevel 9]

Sounds like a few things could be fixed. This is what I experienced in the map:

- In the beginning, when I opened the first door (red) and turned around and ran around the corner to the left to allow the barons etc. to get away from the door, that area (to the left) was usually clean when I didn't record using complevel 9. When it was on, suddenly there were pain elementals, mancubi etc. all over the place.
- In the blue key area (cave with imps, rocket baron, etc.) the rocket-shooting baron would stay pretty much in the same place when I didn't use complevel 9, but with, it would move around more (not so much visible in these demos I think).
- Perhaps a coincidence, but with c9 I had more accidents with the demons right at the start (running towards the red key area), sometimes killing or damaging myself with a rocket (instead of hitting the imps).

TL;DR Monsters definitely move differently.

I also noticed the weapons switching thing, quite annoying.

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